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What bag is Trish carrying?

I am coveting the bag that Trish is pictured carrying in Rick's most recent blog post. A quick search tells me it isn't a Baggalini (but I could have missed it). Does anybody recognize it? I am continually obsessed over getting the perfect day bag and would like to investigate this one further.

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Hi Andrea,
Why don't you pose the question on Trish's Travelphile blog? Hopefully she'll write's worth a try!

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Trish is Rick's current sweetheart (after Ann) and was his assistant tour leader on the My Way tour Rick just was leader for.

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So Rick actually lead a tour? WOW!! Did know he would be doing so ahead of time, or were you just really surprised when you showed up and met your guide?

I guess leading a tour from time to time keeps him in touch with his products/consumers.

So, on a scale of 1 - 10 (ten being best) how was he as a guide?

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He said in the blog it had been 10 years since he led a tour. It was a surprise for the group - they had no idea until the first evening get together.

What a fun surprise!

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I asked her on Facebook so hopefully she'll report back!

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Thanks everyone. Sorry to be late getting back to you; last night I stepped away from the computer to watch Amazing Race Canada and promptly fell asleep.

I checked Travelon, and it might the Anti-theft Classic. Trish's blog doesn't have a clear "contact me" spot, so I was thinking I'd have my DH contact her on Facebook but someone beat me to that. Looking forward to finding out.

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Andrea, my sister and I both have Travelon bags which we use when traveling. I really like the size and little touches like the zippers with hooks to keep them closed. I can fit my mini ipad, my camera, phones, and assorted items and not feel or look like a pack mule.

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It looks like a Patricia Nash design- the Torri Crossbody Oil bag, which is an Italian design. Travelon bags are great. You can get the anti-theft ones that are stylish yet help protect your stuff.

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Over the last few years, Rick has anonymously signed up for some of his own tours (as a tour member), and the impression I get is that his fellow tour members didn't know he'd be travelling with them until the initial introductory meeting, which usually takes place about 16:00 on the first day of the tour. Imagine being the guide on those tours, with the Boss watching every move! I'd be a nervous wreck!

I'm not sure, but this may be the first year that he's actually been the lead guide on a tour. I think it's great that he's willing (and has time) to do that).

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What a surprise and a treat to show up for the tour and have THE Rick Steves be your guide....I'd have just so many questions for him.