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Ladies rain jacket hoods

I have a Columbia Arcadia that I wore in England and also here in Florida during Hurricane Irma (and since). It definitely keeps me dry. I have an awful time with the hood. It droops down and covers my eyes. Do you ladies always wear a ball cap under your hoods to keep them up? I keep the jacket in the car during rainy season but don't always have a ball cap at hand. Without the cap, the hood droops down and I can't see (and I look ridiculous). I can't find any way to adjust it. Any advice?

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I can't find any way to adjust it. Any advice?

If the ball cap works, just stuff one in the pocket of the jacket, so you will always have it with the jacket.

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I feel ya - I've had hoods that did that. I'm lucky my current Columbia 3-in-1 actually has a Velcro piece on the back of the hood (in the middle) so you can adjust it - even just a tiny bit helps so much. If you really love the coat, perhaps if you have a seamstress/tailor in your area you could ask them to modify the hood for you...

If you aren't sure what I mean - just go check out Columbia jackets at a shop and you should see an example (I got mine a year ago)

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One can purchase stick-on velco stripping at most fabric stores. They are not a permanent solution and have to put on when the jacket is dry, but for occasional use they can work well.

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I have the same problem with hoods but mine all have the Velcro adjustment mentioned. You could have it sewn on. If you don't sew youself, ask a friend or talk to a tailor (most dry cleaners have someone who can do minor alterations).

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I was forever having that problem but then I bought a North Face jacket that has a little peak and adjustable toggles on the top and sides which keeps it in place and doesn't budge even in the fiercest of winds. It's also completely waterproof and breathable. Unfortunately I can't advise on your predicament other than keeping a cap with the coat.

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I walk daily and live in the PNW. I too, have experienced "droopy" hoods. (rain tested for sure!) I don't have the Columbia Brand mentioned, but several other name brands that I like. I also wear glasses. I have had good luck wearing my ball cap under the hood for both challenges in the rain and wind.

Edit to add to JC's comment: my Ilse Jacobsen waterproof raincoat has toggles for the hood that helps prevent drooping. This is not my travel coat.

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I literally just ordered the Columbia Arcadia a week ago! Hopefully it is enough to keep me warm and dry. I really do not enjoy hats of any form on my head so this could be interesting.

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Columbia products are a good value but may not be the best for extreme outdoor conditions. The older version is reported to be similar to the newer version II:
The Backpacker's review rates it as a "Budget Pick for Urban Hikers" and says:



Basic hood that’s adjustable with two toggles near the neck and velcro
along the back. Does not have a stiff brim, but hood is pretty
Toggles are not made very well.

You can try tightening the drawstrings if the drawstring go around the front of the hood to create a "tunnel". Otherwise, it's ball cap time.

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I had never thought of the ball cap with a hood, but what a good idea! I've had that problem in the past.

My latest raincoat with a hood is by North Face. The hood works the best of all that I've had to date.

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My jacket is an LL Bean and the hood has the velcro business on it, but I usually wear my hat underneath anyway (not a ball cap but more of a bucket type hat) for warmth as well as droop protection. With the hat and the drawstrings, I can usually keep the wind out.

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I have the Arcadia II and I do not have a problem with the hood overwhelming my face. Just bought it last summer so maybe the “II” means a redesigned Arcadia? It is a excellent travel choice.

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Thank you all for your advice. I knew I could count on this group. I have ball caps, but am going to try and jerry-rig something with Velcro. You guys are the best!

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After careful consideration and receiving an email from Columbia today, I decided to go ahead and purchase the "Arcadia ll" rain jacket. It is currently on sale for $34.90. This is a 61% savings. There are 5 colors available at the sale price. I'll see how the jacket and hood fits. Worse case scenario I can return it.

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To add to my previous note, I received my Columbia Arcadia ll. In reference to sizing I am 5'2" and 108 lbs. I ordered the Small so I can add layers if needed. I really like the Red Lily color I chose. No issue with "droopy hood." As of today they have further markdowns! I will be testing it's waterproof features this weekend.

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Like Janis, we live here in the PNW and I walk in the rain daily. My go to jacket is an REI. I don't remember the name of it, but it is only about $90 and it has the toggles, but also on the back it has a velcro thing to adjust. I can wear this without a ball cap underneath it. I like this jacket so much that I have it in 3 colors and use it for backpacking in the mountains as well.