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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Books and travel resources for kids
Mariam 3
Which R.S. books to buy? (France, spain, cruise)
Mary57 3
Good books about Croatia in English
John R Scott 1
Is There an Italian Equivalent to "The Bonjour Effect" and "They Eat Horses, Don't...
Jane 6
"The Bonjour Effect" and "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong"
Jane 5
Book Recommendation: "Overbooked" by Elizabeth Becker
dclawyer 2
Streaming Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theatre
Lola 3
"Black Widows" - A Scandinavian TV Series
dclawyer 8
Anthropoid - new movie about the Heydrich assassination in Prague
christa 16
French TV Series: "The Bureau" (“Le Bureau des Legendes”)
dclawyer 0
New Netflix French TV Series - No Second Chance
dclawyer 1
Making Turkey juicy
FastEddie 2
Baltic Guides?
Dav 6
Ricks "Best of" Guidebooks
Sasha 4
more Venice movies
craigrhome 12
The Home Front in World War II England
Grier 0
The Cave Painters
FastEddie 5
Are there any books for Teens traveling alone in Europe?
turkeyfeathers32 18
"SlowTV" from Norway
Michael... 0
"Stealing Beauty" - wonderful movie about being young in Italy (1996, starring lovely...
Shelley 0
Does Anyone Know When Rick Steves' New European Shows Filmed In The Summer Of 2015 Will...
deemom3 2
Around the World in Eighty Days
Craig 5
Books for Normandy visit, history
June 7
Two Kinds of Travelers comic
avirosemail 9
Going to Venice
Ann 8
Travelers' Tales Guides: Paris (partial review)
Ka 1
Whither Rick Steves Digital Editions
Ted Bassman 5
Preparing for England
Jane 14
The Way
KC 13
Things Can Only Get Feta, by Marjory McGinn
rhinman08 3
'My Life in France' - Julia Child
lnbsig 🌍 8
The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson
Grier 10
David Macauly - Cathedral, Castle, and more...
Jane 0
Daphne du Maurier's Cornwall
Jane 1
RS's "Postcards from Europe"
KC 3
The Other Paris by Luc Sante
Dave 6
The Only Street in Paris
Craig 5
Is Paris Burning?
Craig 13
Dorothy Dunnett!
Stewart&Vicki 9
Map Books
johnsshopping 3
Rick Steves Guidebooks - Release Dates
Donna 🌎 2
Mark Twain's "A Tramp Abroad"
Sam 3
Books for South England Villages Tour
Jane 10
Recap from Toronto Film Festival
Michael... 3
foreign films
KC 12
Art and history book recommendations
Tamara 11
"If This Is A Woman" by Sarah Helm
Ms. Jo 5
Endorsement of Agony and the Ecstasy
sue 4
Radio Swiss stations
Rachel 1
On your way to Vienna
pam 2