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Good books about Croatia in English

If the size and pre-WW2 publication date turns you off Rebecca West's "Black Lamb and Grey Falcon", probably the best historical look at the Balkans ever written, and Misha Glenny's recent works, 'the Fall of Yugoslavia' and 'The Balkans' look equally long, try the short and fascinating "Croatia through writers' eyes" edited with an excellent historical introduction and moving epilogue by Peter Frankopan, a Croatian young original and the newest authority on the Silk Road (his latest, fascinating book). Published by Eland, a London UK publishing house that re-issues older classics and offers new ones, You will find West and Glenny in its 250 trade paperback pages, as well as a long list of others, and a basic map, all adding to your grasp and enjoyment of Croatia and the variety and vivacity of its people and past. Eland is an excellent travel resource, and this selection can be read again and again. The cover photo of Rab old town is a typical window on an endless, haunting view. The new website Total Croatia News is also worth finding for current news and articles in English.

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I suggest also some standard academic works on the Balkans....1. L. Stavianos, The Balkans since 1453, 2. Barbara and Charles Jelavich, History of the Balkans, 2 vols.