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Travelers' Tales Guides: Paris (partial review)

This is one of the books on Rick Steves' book recommendations for France. Here's the link:

I LOOOOOOVE this book! If not for this book, I wouldn't have even known about the cabaret Crazy Horse, or BHV, or the Marche aux puces. I'm not finished with the book (currently a little half through the book) but if it were not for this book, we probably would only only go to the known tourist attractions that you usually see online.

I'm going to read the Travelers' Tales Guides to London also since this book was informative.

I read the 1997 version, not the most recent version (2014); since my library was able to get the 1997 version. I thought that since the version of my book was written in 1997 some of the places might not be there anymore, but they still are (looked online)!

I'll write a full review once I finish the book!

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Thanks for this! We're off to France later this month and I love Travelers' Tales but haven't read this one yet. Our library doesn't have it but it's available on Scribd, which I subscribe to. My favorite France-related book recently is The Bonjour Effect by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoit Nadeau, a Canadian couple who have done a ton of research on French language and culture. Fascinating!