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Hahahaha - thanks for the morning laugh with my coffee.

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Thanks, Avi. I bet this group could come up with a few more.

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Thanks, Avi! I'm alarming passersby as I sit here on my front porch laughing at the cartoons. Several of them could be labeled "me and my hubbie on the road again"

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The one with the "zzzzzz" bubble is me. I'm unfortunately one of those who has to have my sleep, and that doesn't change just because I get on a plane. I always say I could be much more successful in my life if I didn't need eight hours of sleep every night!

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Another one might be

"Let's open the windows and enjoy the hustle and bustle on the street"
"Where are my earplugs and sleep mask?"

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So cute! I identify with the cartoon at the car rental place: one person says now how much did you say it was...and, I have all day to finagle! I identify with the person who says "here, take all my money, give me the car and get me out of here"!

Judy B

My vote is for the super organized techie packer versus the "I forgot my underwear" packer. I have forgotten underwear before.