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RS's "Postcards from Europe"

I posted this one a long time ago and forgot to check the responses or look into it (that thread is closed now).

I have an audio book version of Rick Steves' "Postcards From Europe" but after purchasing the actual book, I found that the audio version has substantially less material. In fact, it's only a couple of chapters from the book at the most. Has anyone else purchased the audio book and found this to be true? I'd like to know if there is an audio book version that includes the entire book. I bought my version from iTunes and I see that there is also a version on Amazon. Amazon states their version is "unabridged" but also states that the length of the audio is 3.5 hours, which is the same length as the version I have. Judging by the number of chapters that are absent from my version, the full version (if there is one), should probably be 6+ hours long.

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Have you checked with anyone at the Rick Steves office in Edmonds, WA? They might be able to answer your questions.

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I have confirmed that the audiobook, produced in 2001, always was abridged and only three chapters, so Amazon's info sounds wrong.

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Thanks! That's so strange, why just three chapters? Either way it's still a fun read (or listen) :D