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The Cave Painters

The Cave Painters by Gregory Curtis was a fine companion to have along on my trip to the Dordogne region last summer. He walks you through a history of how scientists and amateurs discovered, interpreted, and sometimes mishandled these amazing works of art.

When the newest of the known caves were painted, the pyramids at Giza were still 10,000 years in the future. We mostly know how the images were created, but we're still almost entirely in the dark on their meaning. Curtis introduces you to the boys (and their dog) who found Lascaux, to the cantankerous chain-smoking priest who contorted his body to sketch the images, and to the academic battles over their interpretation.

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I'm reading it right now!! Very vividly written and so interesting! (I needed to leave 21st century America and go way back in time.)

I visited Font de Gaume about a year ago. It was such an honor to actually be in this sacred spot, and seeing the hand print from 18,000 years ago filled me with awe. "They were here!" I'm going to re-watch the Werner Herzog film "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" this weekend.

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Thank you Eddie. I've put this on my "wish list" , hoping to get there in 2018.

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Thanks Eddie, just put it on hold to pick up at my library on Monday. I've read so many good books and watched so many good movies based on recommendations on this forum.

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Yea, just now placed a hold at my local library; first on the wait list. Really looking forward to reading this book.