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Share what happened on your trip with our travel community! Discuss your most memorable experiences from your recent European vacation. Join the conversation and learn from others' travels by asking these travelers about their trip.

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Two Weeks in Paris
vandrabrud 27
TRIP REPORT: 13 Nights, France, Belgium, Luxembourg
vandrabrud 7
Portugal March 2012
Valerie 2
The number of empty seats on my flight yesterday from DFW to CDG was...
Valerie 4
Review of Easybus from CDG to Palais Royale
Valerie 8
Details of my attempts to purchase my asthma inhalers as I traveled
Valerie 9
Benadryl in Italy
Valerie 9
Largely irrelevant for this site, but still, tips from my trip to China last week:)
Valerie 19
Time for Egypt!
Valerie 11
Reporting from Egypt!!:)
Valerie 25
Heading out again - Krakow, Budapest and Taormina - Blogging my efforts
Valerie 8
Report - Norwegian Air - Seattle to London
Valerie 21
Trip Report - Krakow and the Krakow Card
Valerie 12
Trip Report - Hungarian Parliament Tour
Valerie 1
Okay, James, you are right. Budapest is awesome!
Valerie 5
Tales from Greece when antiquities are not your thing
Valerie 9
Musings at the end of my Greece trip - winter travel, food allergies, monasteries and...
Valerie 5
Thoughts from my travel in Japan - credit cards, food allergies and more
Valerie 9
Medicine check at Amman, Jordan airport
Valerie 1
Israel and Jordan with Gate One Tours - November 2019
Valerie 10
A Tale of Two (non-Schengen to non-Schengen) Transits through CDG
Valerie 3
Pre-Trip Report: First trip out of the US since 2019
Valerie 12
Report: COVID test results after Road Scholar two week bus tour of France
Valerie 32
Amazing guide/driver for anywhere you want to go in France!
Valerie 7
Report: How long it took me to change planes at CDG on a Monday morning in April
Valerie 15
Report: BINAX proctored test before flight back to USA from Paris
Valerie 15
Report: How long it took to get from the Sheraton CDG to our Delta gate for Seattle flight
Valerie 2
Report: Two private day tours with Sonia Tavoletta in Rome
Valerie 5
Report: What happened with that phone we lost on our Delta flight:)
Valerie 15
Report: Turnaround time for passport renewal - Non-expedited - June 2023
Valerie 7
Report: How long my expedited passport renewal took in June 2023
Valerie 8
Report: How long it took me to arrive by plane at CDG and get to the CDG train station
Valerie 3
Report: Day trip from Strasbourg to Schirmeck to see World War 2 Museum
Valerie 8
Report: Day trip to Nancy from Strasbourg by train
Valerie 4
Report: Vilnius, I love you!
Valerie 15
Report: Review of my first trip with Overseas Adventure Travel - The Baltics
Valerie 24
Report: 1000+ miles down Baja Peninsula on a Road Scholar bus to see whales!!
Valerie 14
Tuscan countryside, Florence, Rome and Venice
Val 6
Norwegian Airlines LAX-Europe. Loved it!
Val 13
Ridiculous rules and poor customer service at JustFly
uuttyy 11
Switzerland trip report
Uday 16
Viking Rhone River Cruise Lyon to Avignon
Tymochtee 7
Expeditiously getting from Avignon train station to Frankfurt Train station on a Sunday.
Tymochtee 12
On travel credit cards
tylerdurnden22 17
3 months in Europe, Sept to Dec 2022
Tyler_ 33
Vienna Tour Guide
txfeinberg 1
Madrid neighborhoods & apartments
twgriffin 3
First time traveling Europe alone and could use tips!
t.vu1986 15
How Does US tourist Collect Claim from Spanish Post Office?
tuzywall 4
Pompeii luggage storage- be aware of sizes
Tu vas ou? 0