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A Tale of Two (non-Schengen to non-Schengen) Transits through CDG

Sometimes I read so much bad information on here about CDG that I have not connected through there in years. I generally transit through Frankfurt, and I always get lost there, can’t find the right connection board, ask for help and then find my way. So we’re sitting here, waiting to board our flight back to Seattle and I thought I’d weigh in.

On our outbound, we were Seattle-to-Paris-to-Tel Aviv. Delta Airlines and Air France, all on a single Delta ticket. No checked luggage and Business class seats, so front of the plane. We exited our flight from Seattle in Terminal 2E. We did not need to go through anything other than a security check (flying from non-Schengen country to non-Schengen country - this part would be different for many of you). We did need to take a little shuttle bus - took about 10 minutes - boarded it right outside the plane.

Note that if we had checked luggage, it would be checked though to final destination on our single ticket.

Got off bus and then it took us 5 minutes to walk to train to take it to Terminal 2E, K gates. Took the train one stop. Walked around the corner to security. Liquids, laptops and phones out. No line (8am on a Tuesday)

Done in under 30 minutes total. Hope this is helpful -remember it’s for non-Schengen transit only - no immigration check. Return through CDG just now (6am on a Tuesday) was similarly fast and landed at an actual gate so no need for bus on the tarmac.

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Glad you had a good experience, but Tuesday is the quietest day of the week, and business class helps cut through security lines. So, while an encouraging experience, I'm not sure it will compare to that of many other travellers. I would like to hope so, however :-).

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Valérie, WE had the same experience flying from Yerevan, Armenia back to the States, again a connection with no passport entry into France involved. We too were on AF/Delta, which is key for such a seamless connection between two areas of 2E. We only had security to go through. Baggage was checked to the destination. We were way, way in the back of the plane in the cheap seats, flying on miles.

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I'm glad for you. When we came through CDG in June, two of our airline's planes were late, and check in had three 787 Dreamliners' passengers going through the same check in line--1000 people--at the same time and it was a maze.
CDG has always been not at all a pleasure in any way.