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Report: How long it took to get from the Sheraton CDG to our Delta gate for Seattle flight

So we stayed at the Sheraton for our 10am Delta flight to make things simple. We left the Sheraton just before 7am. It took us 45 minutes to get to the M gate area for the Seattle flight.

It took us about 15 minutes of walking to get to the Delta check in counters. We had already checked in for the flight and were both FlyReady with COVID tests uploaded.

We had no bags to check. We flew Business Class so some of our lines were shorter.

At Delta check in, we were asked a few security questions before we got to the ticketing agent.
- for Main Cabin, the line to get to checked in looked to be about 15 minutes longer
Then the ticketing agent looked at our passports and still wanted to see the COVID tests.

From there, we walked over to Passport Control. We did not have a line.
- for Main Cabin, the line looked to be about 15 minutes max

From Passport Control, we walked over to the mini-train that takes you from the K gate area to the M gate area. This train takes about 3 minutes.

Once getting off the train, you are directed to a Security check. Your passport and boarding pass are checked.
- for Main Cabin, the line looked to be about 20 minutes - it was not very crowded. There are line-direction rows here that indicate that there is sometimes a long line.
- we took out our liquids, our phones, camera, and iPads. We left in our small electronics - shaver, heating pad, mini-fan. Shoes do not have to come off but scarves and jackets do.

And then we were at the M gates!

It was extremely empty this morning. I think Main Cabin total time would be just over an hour or so.

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I have read on this forum to get to CDG up to 4 hours early. Having now transited through that airport, I don’t understand that advice at all. I got there 3 hours early for no reason. There were no staff at all at the Iceland Air counter. When I found someone who spoke english, they said the counter did not open for check in until 2 hours before the flight! So I waited an hour for no reason and was glad I didn’t get there 4 hours ahead!
Glad it went smoothly Valerie and you and Ron are on your way home!

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I understand why people would add extra time at CDG, it can be a nightmare. Don't think I'd show up before the check in counter opened, though, if I had to go there. Really helpful if you can check in online, that's for sure! Glad Valerie had a good experience, sounds like she did everything possible to make it go smoothly.

We flew SEA-CDG-LJU with a four hour turn time in CDG, thought we'd be sitting in the Air France club for hours. We never made it to the club. The security line was over two hours, with only a few people working, and large crowds of passengers. We unfortunately chose the line with the Nazi-like woman, who was yelling at everyone (me included, when I touched something in the bin looking for my passport, which she had hid under my jacket). It took us over two hours to get through that line. Maybe it's easier if you start out from CDG, perhaps they man the security lines better? I am definitely planning on avoiding turning through CDG again, if I have a choice, it was a mess! And we were lucky, because right after we got into line, large crowds of people showed up behind us. I have no idea how long those poor people waited.