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Amazing guide/driver for anywhere you want to go in France!

We’ve just finished a Road Scholar tour of Southwest France.

Road Scholar sent our group of 19 out with a guide named Tom, who has proved, over the last 13 days, to be one of those guides that makes it seem like you’re just traveling around with your really savvy and fun buddy. He has a great sense of humor, he’s easy to talk to, and he’s really knowledgeable. If you want lots of history detail, he’s got it. If you want to talk sports, he can do that too. Current French politics? Yep. Food and wine? Absolutely!

Tom’s fluent in French but his first language is English so there are NO communication issues - which often pop up for us and really wipe me out after awhile.

He’s available as a private driver/guide and has access to a small minibus. He does private tours - he can design one for you or he will let you plan your own details.

I asked him some pricing information - just general ideas - and I can tell you that - as someone who uses driver/guides pretty often - his prices are fair and totally worth investigating.

We dumb-lucked our way into finding Tom - thank you, Road Scholar! - but he’s worth seeking out.

Here’s his email:

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Glad that worked out so well. You did luck out!

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Very good to know, Valerie, thanks. Tom sounds really wonderful.

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Thanks so much Valerie- super useful travel info. So glad you had a great experience!

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Bravo ! What a great resource to have, someone at ease with the French language, cultural cues, and all that along with loads of
historical detail. Historically, which era and area in terms of his specialisation?

Thanks for this tip !

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@Fred - Well, it’s hard to tell because I am a history idiot. But he seems to be able to converse about pretty much anything. If you’re curious, email him and see - I imagine you can get a sense of his personality and areas of interest via email. We did talk French Revolution, Cathars, current sociology, wine cultivation and marketing, French university systems…also extensive discussions of the history of Aquitaine and Elinor of Aquitaine, her assorted husbands/men and her role in society.

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Valerie, thanks for sharing your positive recommendation. Nothing like a great guide to enhance your tour experience. We have never regretted hiring a guide. Some of our best guides come from references like yours. Bookmarked!