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Share what happened on your trip with our travel community! Discuss your most memorable experiences from your recent European vacation. Join the conversation and learn from others' travels by asking these travelers about their trip.

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Jet Lag
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My Trip to, and Escape from Europe!
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Alaska July 2021
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AMTRAK -- California Zephyr to Reno
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Italy trip report - just back
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Iceland winter trip report--warning, it is long!
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Dubai as I go - trip report
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Countryside, Castles, and Celts (Croatia and Ireland Trip Report Part 2: Ireland)
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A Royal trip report
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Two sisters in Austria + a little Switzerland—Our Trip Report
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Best way to build Europe Itinerary for teens?
kmac2000 13
Lisbon Pickpockets
barbarafrare 13
Experiencing Basque Country
History Traveler 13
My experience with EC 261 compensation and reimbursement
Lola 13
Rain, Rain, Rain in Venice
Pat 13
Sleeping in Italy Cities
David 14
First Europe Trip With Children - Great Britain, 2007
Randy 14
Restaurant Rant
Diana 13
Listen to Rick! Just got back from Italy
Lionel 14
Vueling Airlines --- Good and Bad
H J 13
Bologna, Florence, CT, and Rome - Trip Report
Leia 14
Along the German Alps
Lee 14
Paris in winter?
Don 14
Halstatt, Austria - The Best & Worst part of my trip!
Donald 13
Austria & Hungary - Part 2, Hungary
christa 14
Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport -- Buying Train Tickets (Beware of Change)
Anthony Don 14
First time in Paris - trip report
Tamara 13
Thoughts on "adventure" travel....
KC 14
Wonderful people of France
Mary 14
Bulgaria Tour (part 3)
Teresa 14
Italy Trip Report #1 - Venice
Lulu 14
Nicaragua Adventures: Beware of the Small Print
irablock 14
Does anyone know what happened at the Notre Dame Cathedral Thursday?
scotty 14
Florence and Paris - as seen without us, the tourists
Robert 14
Zoe 14
Diabetic supplies (insulin pump and sensor supplies, insulin and other meds)for 6...
notchili 14
Things we learned London
hsico75 10
How did you miss this, Rick?
pgreenm 12
Amazing Off-the-Beaten-Track Trip in England and Wales
marshagarrison 13
Three weeks in Italy
Dave 14
Lost luggage, British Air/Aer Lingus
inireland 14
Choosing between trips
rmullin89 14
Norway in my own Nutshell
celfan 14
Scandinavia 23 days
bobbing 13
Bill and Jude's Excellent Adventure Munich Part 3
Judy 14
TRIP REPORT: Epic 3 Week Honeymoon! Ancient Rome, Alpine Wonders, and Country Bliss
sjdixoniv 14
Heart of Italy!
cte 13
Four Days in Tallinn
Dav 14
Berlin 201: Beyond Berlin's "Greatest Hits." A Trip Report.
Dave 14