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Washroom facilities, Cotswold Walks

We are planning to take a 9 day, unguided tour in the Cotswolds. One big question is washroom facilities along the route. Is there anyone who has done these walks that has a comment on this?

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Some of the villages have public restroom facilities---I made use of one but cannot recall which village. And when you stop for lunch at a pub or restaurant, they will have one.

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Last paragraph of the above review/report:

When mentioning lunch on the trail, this brings me to a topic that is
inexplicably missing from the articles and guides I have read about
the Cotswold Way. There are very few restroom facilities along the
route, if you find one it is an exception. This is of particular
importance to women who are planning to make the walk, be prepared for
stops behind bushes and trees along the Way, this will be the norm.
You should bring biodegradable toilet paper and not let this
inconvenience deter you from making this memorable adventure, just be
prepared for what you will experience.

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North American's are too "polite" when it comes to toilet facilities. Canadian visit "washrooms" and American visit "restrooms" or "bathroom". And Brits and some Europeans have their "WCs". But when in the bush be grateful for bushes. (Above treeline one does one must do). Just don't get lost finding your way back to the walking path.

As a safety measure - go to Wal-Mart and buy one packet of biodegradable, camping toilet paper by Coleman. It comes in a rectangular packet like other wipes rather than a roll. Let's be good to nature and be prepared for ourselves.

Take some hand sanitizer and maybe a SheWee, which can - ahem - make your stream a bit more directional and means women can wee standing up.

A word of warning about country walking in the U.K., if you haven't done it before: A public footpath doesn't necessarily mean an actual path. You will be walking along the edges of muddy fields, through woods etc - it can be very muddy and rural and almost unmarked. You'll need good mapreading skills and be good st looking out for the little wooden signposts. Be prepared for stiles. Lots of places for a secret wee, though.

When you get to a village, don't ask for a washroom or a restroom - you'll get puzzled looks. Ask for a toilet or a loo. We call it what it is! Some ultra-genteel people might say WC, for water closet, and you might see that written on a sign. But if you ask for a "washroom" people will assume you mean somewhere to wash yourselves - or even your clothes.

Larger villages may have public loos in a car park. Or look for a pub, buy a drink and use their loos. Watch your muddy boots, though - you may need to take them off before going in (although some country pubs will have a "muddy boots welcome" sign).

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If you have to go outdoors, please don't leave behind used toilet paper!! 'Biodegradable toilet paper' does not make it okay - take it out with you!

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The Cotswold National Trail takes you through green grass areas, sheep pastures, cow pastures, lots and lots of wooded areas, narrow paths along edges of big drop offs, through two corn fields, and on very narrow roads with only the road to walk on. But it's a fabulous walk. There was only one public facilities along the trail, but of course when you walk through a village you can stop at a pub and use theirs. We didn't have any trouble, just used the restroom when we stopped for lunch.