Cinque Terre ---another slide

A Quick update for all those on their way to Cinque Terre soon, we went yesterday 4/15 and there had been two recent slides that damaged the ocean front trails. We did see a section of one trail missing, but not sure when/if they will be fixable.

Posted by David
Bellingham, WA, USA
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Hi Sarah Thanks for the tip. We will be in Vernazza (and all over the 5T in two weeks). Where was the damage? Thanks David
Bellingham, WA

Posted by George
Victoria, Brit
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We are in Cinque Terre today, April 21, and are staying in Riomaggiore. Had hoped to do the trail but no access available from here and no information when it will reopen. Unfortunately the word is not getting out because there are so many tourists here all looking to do the hike.

Posted by Sarah
Portland, OR
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It is all a little confusing. Several people from 5T were saying the slides had "just" happened, or "happened yesterday." Which is why I posted. Other tourists I have since talked to said these were the same slides from last fall. I couldn't get a clear answer before we left for 5T and it was part of the reason we left early. IMO keeping the trail status ambiguous keeps tourists from canceling trips. We were told when buying our passes that both the Via Dell'Amore and the section from Manarola to Corniglia were closed.

Posted by Stephanie
Lewisville, nc
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We were in the Cinque Terre April 19. At that time all the lower trails were closed but parts of the upper trail from were open. We were told someone was hurt on the lower trail from Riomaggiore to Maranola so it was closed.

Posted by Andrew
Bethesda, MD, USA
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I just hiked from Monterosso to Corniglia today. At the park offices, we were told only the Monterosso-Vernazza trail was open. Our landlady told us the Vernazza-Corniglia trail was passable and expected to open next week or so. In fact, if the park office staffers hadn't said anything, I'd never have known the V-C path wasn't open. There was nothing on the path itself that indicated it wasn't, as far as I could tell. There were, however, multiple new-appearing retaining walls, and the appearance of ongoing cleanup. We started in Vernazza at 1730, so workers might've been present earlier in the day.
No news on openings for the other "blue line" paths (path #2, coastal, both R-M and M-C). But, we found a sign in Manarola just after the right turn up the main road to the church which indicates a path #6p to Corniglia, which it says has "vonderful views". Unverified... Sorry.

Posted by Susan
Nashville, Tn, Usa
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We just left the cinque terra. A very big disappointment. Only one coastal route (montorosso to vernazza) is open. Route 1 at the top which connects through is not recommended. There is only one interior route which is recommended (manorola to Cornelia). The owners and park management seem to be trying their best to keep this information from the public knowledge. The two trail which were open were very crowded with slow hikers and there are infrequent places to pass. I can't imagine how crowded and slow these 2 trails will be in the summer tourist season. I don't believe much will change over the summer.

Posted by Judy
North Fort Myers, FL, USA
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We are very grateful for your report. We planned to go for two days in late August; but will be watching to see if the trails open. How do the local residents travel from town to town?

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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@Judy - You can easily go between the towns by train. There is also a boat that operates unless the weather is bad.

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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Cinque Terre is just so overrated especially here on RS website. Maybe it used to be enticing at one time before RS opened the flood gates and the deluge of tourists streamed in. I'm afraid it's going to turn into Italy's on version of Myrtle Beach soon.