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can I visit the eiffel tower without advanced tickets?

Hi, we are going to Paris in June and all the advance tickets are sold out to for both the 2nd and top floor. Can I still get tickets by waiting in line and does anyone know the best time to go for the shortest time?

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Shortest line for purchasing a ticket and for getting to the second level is the one for the self-elevator (walk up).

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My experience for the best time to go up the Eiffel Tower without advance tickets is during the dinner hour between 6:00 and 7:00 pm.

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We strolled over around 9 pm after a rainy afternoon and were up the tower within five minutes. It seems a lot of tour groups had cancelled. So a group that's running late or groups that don't want to chance rain may cancel, leaving it open for you. Has anyone else had this experience?

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I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower twice, both time without advance tickets. I have just gone over and stood in line, sometimes for maybe an hour and another time a lot less. The shortest time was when we approached the tower and saw one real long line closest to the river and a much shorter line over towards the long park. I left my wife in the long line and went over to the short line and asked one of the security fellows what is the difference between the two lines. He said most tourists are like lemmings. They just follow the person in front of them. I got into that short line and waved my wife over. His advice was good. I have never resorted to climbing the stairs and having been to the top twice, I do not think I would at my advancing age. However, I will be back in Paris this coming June so will have to see how things go.

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Lines in June will be hot and crowded, you may wait for hours and find no one cancels having wasted the day. A better bet is to sign up for a tour which guarantees you get in and also get to the summit. The tour companies buy up the tickets to guarantee it. No waiting in line out in the heat in a crowd. Here are my suggestions (some include lunch at the Eiffel tower or Seine dinner cruises). All include the tickets.



(3) They show a lot of different type tours.

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I've been up twice, never had advance tickets, my maximum wait was around 20 minutes.

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Another company to try is Get Your Guide tours ( I've done their tour twice and thought it was worth the additional cost to skip the line to the 2nd floor.

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Go to the line for taking the stairs and buy a ticket to the top. Then go through security for taking the stairs. I've never seen a line longer than 15 minutes. Walk up the stairs. It's 700 steps. That's an extra croissant you can eat - with butter because you earned it. Get in line on Level 2 for the elevator going to the top. Walk once around the top and get in line to go back down. Actually, take as much time as you like. It's the Eiffel Tower!

Best time is later in the afternoon or early evening as many people get there for opening to "beat the crowds".

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Keep checking the website, Sue, I've seen some tickets open up! We're in the same situation, but I was able to find tix to the first level. We're hoping to then buy tix to the top once were there. Good luck!