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Share what happened on your trip with our travel community! Discuss your most memorable experiences from your recent European vacation. Join the conversation and learn from others' travels by asking these travelers about their trip.

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France and Covid report
courtney765 10
25th Anniversary European Vacation
cpd2591 5
Touring Ireland By Car
cpd2591 3
Paying for hospital in Nice
cpnewby 11
Scotland Trip Report July-Aug 2016
craig 4
Cuba trip report--just returned
craig 15
Malta Trip Report
craig 6
Heed Pickpocket Warnings in Portugal and Spain
Craig 7
Greece - early summer 2014
Craig 0
Pecs, Hungary
Craig 10
I, too, was surprised by joy
Craig 7
Just returned from Northern Portugal and Galicia and everything went smooooooothly <w>
Craig 3
Censorship and the Baroque Library's Fresco
Craig 3
Street Life in Central Europe
Craig 13
Trip report: currency conversion, ATMs, cash, credit & tipping
Craig 17
Airport Train to City Center
Craig 10
Great Visit to Bohol, Philippines
Craig 5
Colosseum changes
craigcivale 4
12 nights in Italy Jul/Aug 2023 - trip report part 1: Firenze
Crystal B 17
12 nights in Italy Jul/Aug 2023 - trip report part 2: Sorrento
Crystal B 13
July-Aug 2023 trip report Part 3: Roma
Crystal B 12
FYI- my “incident “ in Florence- Piazza del Duomo
cscheg 10
Twenty-one Days in Scandinavia Trip Report
CT 9
Heart of Italy!
cte 13
Kroller-Muller Museum is a hidden gem for Van Gogh fans
curioustraveler 8
Why the Dutch speak American English well
curioustraveler 84
Flanders Fields WW1 Battlefields - A Place to Pay Respects & Reflect On The Tragedy of War
curioustraveler 38
Ghent Altarpiece: one of many reasons to visit Ghent
curioustraveler 39
Mauritshuis Art (Hague) & Delftware Blue Earthenware-a memorable day trip from Amsterdam
curioustraveler 2
Trip report: Wrocław and Świdnica
CWsocial 23
Trip Report: 3.5 days in Dresden, the "Jewel Box" of eastern Germany
CWsocial 29
3 weeks to fall in love with Turkey
CWsocial 354
3 weeks 3 cities solo in Portugal
CWsocial 68
Trip report: Frankfurt as a base for Christmas Markets
CWsocial 64
3 Weeks RS Best of Bulgaria Plus Solo In Sofia
CWsocial 73
3 Weeks 4 Capitals - solo in Warsaw (and the Baltics)
CWsocial 141
3 Weeks 4 Capitals - solo (after Warsaw) in 3 Baltic Capitals
CWsocial 90
8 nights, a Second Visit to Budapest
CWsocial 30
3 Perfect Days In Arundel, England
CWsocial 49
10 days in London - finding new things to do
CWsocial 65
Hotel suggestions for Barcelona in October???
Cynthia 1
First time Italy traveler-Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast
Cynthia 5
Cinque Terre
Cynthia 0
Cynthia 2
Loire Valley, Brittany and Normandy in August
Cynthia 12
Italy lakes, Tyrol and Salzburg trip
Cynthia 3
Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris - Nov. 2013
Dale 2
Norway and Copenhagen in way too little time but with plenty of "Hygge"
Dale 5
Durham UK Local Guide
Dale 1
Graffiti on Public Structures All Across Europe
Dale 5