Florence Italy trip Part II...

I'm not a foodie and the most adventurous thing I had was the wild boar stew. Just the usual panini's, pizza and spaghetti were good enough for me. I did have the steak florentine one night as well. The gelato of course was awesome wherever you get it.
I bought a couple train tickets before I left for a day trip to Rome. I had to see the Sistine Chapel while there right? I left at 9am and was in Rome by 10:30. I was immediately best upon by an Indian man who asked me if I needed a tour. He was pretty pushy but it turned out to be good. The tour was on one of the hop on and ho off open air buses and it was about $25 for the day. It took you to tall the sites around Rome and buses ran every 20 minutes so you could stay as long or as short as you liked at each stop. I was mostly interested in the Colosseum and The Vatican so those two stops are where I spent most of time. The Colosseum was awesome and The Vatican had a ton to see. I left there at 6pm to head back to Florence. The trip was safe and for me AMAZING and I hope to go back but this time take a couple day trips to Siena, Pisa and other towns around. I took 850 photos s I have alot to draw and paint from. Great trip!! -- Chris

Posted by Teresa
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Sounds like you had a terrific time. How long were you over there?

Posted by christopher
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I was there for a week. I arrived on a friday at noon and left the following friday. I was told I went at the best time right before tourist season. I was also told about being harrassed by gypsies panhandling but I only saw four the whole week. I did give a couple homeless some money even thought the book said not too and it was fine. No bands of roaming kids or anything. It was a great time and i'd like to go back. It is a bit more expensive for w americans cause of the euro. I think I lost $200 bucks in the exchange overall. The weather was 70-72 everyday and sunny but for a short 30-minute rain shower. I felt good about myself going that far by myself and felt like I was a pro on the way back. Hopefully next time I go I'll have some company though. Might be more fun.

Posted by Susan
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Thanks for posting a trip report Christopher, I enjoyed it. I'm really glad you had such a good time!

Posted by Nalayini
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Did you buy a "skip the line" ticket for the Vatican Museum or get the ticket when you went to the museum?
What was the line like if you bought the ticket there? Thanks

Posted by christopher
stone mountain, Ga, USA
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I did buy my ticket before I left but I really didn't need to. The lines weren't bad at all for purchasing tickets when you got there. Keep in my mind though I was there March 20th and a time before it was tourist season. It seemed a lot bought tickets beforehand but they had plenty of ticket offices open.

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"I felt good about myself going that far by myself and felt like I was a pro on the way back. " I LOVE to read things like that! It's like jumping into the deep end and discovering you CAN swim, and swim well! My other favorite thing to read is plans for The Next Trip ;-) If you literally draw and paint from your photos, I'd love to see your artwork... I hear what you're saying about a travel partner; I've always traveled with my husband or other family member, and it's so fun to reminisce about my trips with them. But, there's alot to be said about traveling solo, too - especially for you first trip!