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Following Guidlines

Some people evidently don't bother to read or could care less about the community guidelines. Really, all it should take is common courtesy. The guidelines state that there should be no "bickering" or instigating such activity. Attacking someone's character is totally uncalled for. I posted an experience along with a question wondering if anyone else had, had a similar travel experience. I quoted a strange travel tip I'd read on a travel blog. I got various supportive responses, but two people in particular were extremely rude and combative. "P" from "C" was the most rude person I've ever encountered, she/he was offensive, bullied me, questioned my character and continued to harass me even after I was explaining the story, (which I thought she/he) had misunderstood. We are all here to share experiences and this type behavior is totally uncalled for. I am trying to make my husband and my trip the best ever, because it more than likely will be our last. I am ill and will not make another trip. I wish this person hadn't soured this experience for me. I was really enjoying sharing thoughts and ideas with others. Friends, please keep this in mind before you get 'testy' or 'nasty' with others. Whether it's in person or online, bullying hurts.

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Hi Cindi, If you had taken the time to read the guidelines, you have noted that this section is not for asking questions! As far as I can see you have now deleted the thread so no one can verify your claims, but from what I recall you made some claims that most people had great doubts about to say the least and they called you on it. I can not recall anything that would amount to bullying being posted on the thread. But I have to say deleting the thread so that no one can go back and review it, while at the same time posting a complaint about it does not improve your standing in my view!