Italy 2013..The good, bad, the ugly.

We just returned from 16 days in our beloved Italia.
It was mostly wonderful. I'd say the thing that has changed most since I was there last, (in 1975), was the amount of illegal street vendors. The streets are already loaded with tourists and then you have thousands upon thousands of illegal vendors from Africa, India and beyond. They're in your face, bombarding you with cheap wares from hats, parasols, FAKE purses, etc.... they're very aggressive and are hurting the economy of the legitimate Italian vendors. It takes away from the experience and isn't safe to have them running at you when you're trying to get on and off buses, in and out of cabs, etc. BUT, Italy has always been and always will be beautiful and wonderful!! Bella Italia!!!!

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I do find it entertaining, however, how quickly they pack up and disappear when law enforcement approaches.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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We were just there in May and, truthfully thought there were fewer of them than in the past. About the only place we saw them were on the bridges to the Vatican. And saw no one buying when we were passing by. Will check again when there in October.