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To the West


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Which train station/airport to drop off car in Paris?
Family of 3 2
Which train station out of Frankfurt Airport is best for Interlaken?
Kathleen 9
Which Train Ticket?
Vintage40s 5
Which travelcard in Paris
Keith 2
Which trip option?
Heidi 9
Which type of Pass to buy?
Darla 5
Which will save us more money??
Brendon 2
Which wineries should I visit ?
Carl Alderete 7
which would you choose? Amiens, Rouen or Reims cathedral
regina 4
Which Would You Choose: Barcelona or Valencia?
Monique 3
Which would you choose for a day trip?
Wendy 5
Which Would You Choose...Left Bank or Right?
Andrea 5
While in Nice would like to visit St. Emilion
Annabella 4
Whirlwind tour of Europe: August or September?
Joel 11
white hills tour cancelled--visit Ronda on our own?
Susan 4
White towns in Andalusia, Spain
ruthtarley 3
White villages from Seville- Need Suggestion
brigitte 2
Whit Monday in Austria
Laurie 1
Whit Monday in Germany
Paul 3
Whitmonday in Switzerland
Jackie 2
Who's been to Corsica? Advice needed!
Christy 5
Who are these Madrid buskers?
Gary 0
Who has the Germany 2011 Book?
Ms. Jo 8
Who has tips for Wuerzburg?
Ms. Jo 5
Who is Taff? Munich Dark Tour Guide
Robert 1
Who knows the Madrid airport?
Kathy 3
Whoops, forgot to add on
leslee 1
Who pays for meals for day trip guides?
Betsy 9
Who says the French are rude? Not in my experience.
Ray 38
Why avoid using PIN if required for cc transaction?
Turnip 1
Why Bordeaux is never in places to visit in France?
Duane 13
Why can't I find Ronda, Spain on the rail schedules
Kahtrav 4
John 5
Why can't I get Alhambra tickets online?
Jen 3
Why did Rick snub Hamburg in his book?
Amy 44
Why do I have to have an international cell phone for my trip?
Cecily 15
Jennifer 3
Why no mention of Dijon France?
Bruce 6
Why not Albufeira PortugalÉ
Carol 6
Why not Germany?
Shoni 44
Why not Nancy?
John 11
Wiesbaden Hotels
Jon 0
wifi and skype
susan 13
Wifi connection in France & Buying a Phone
Carmen 6
Wifi free hotspots in Paris
Joe 4
Wifi in Brussels
Nancy 0
WiFi in Charles de Gaul
Mike 2
WiFi in France
Karen 4
Wifi in Germany
Nancy 13
WiFi in Paris?
Hazel 3