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Whoops, forgot to add on

Forgot to add that I am a 42 year old woman, and that I am wondering what I can pack that will not peg me immediately as a tourist. So, what length skirts are appropriate/fashionable, etc?

Again, many many thanks!

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I suggest bringing basic items, black lightweight slacks, (or other dark color) perhaps some jeans -- then planning to buy clothes over there. You will certainly have opportinity to do so in the large cities - and there are chic inexpensive places. I have not been to Spain, but this has been my experience in London, Paris and Florence, so I think you will do well -- then you can buy skirts that like the other women are wearing. I an a mature womand from the Bay Area also, and find that my clothes are always acceptable and fit in, but there are always local styles that are a bit different, and I like to wear some of them when I'm over there.