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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Can I create a post trip map using geo-tagged pictures
dick612 4
Can I download European maps (on Google maps) here in U S?
Suzanne 4
Can I ensure "zero" data usage on my trip?
keri 30
Can I use a Samsung phone bought in Rome in 2013?
Peg 5
Can I use International Phone Card purchased in London in other countries?
acady 11
Can I use the same SIM card in more than one country?
davidfox 5
Canon camera battery charger
trishagmason 3
Can't charge UK-purchase phone with UK plug in Universal adaptor
lisaew 12
Capital One 360 Debit Cards to now have Pin and Chip
Alexander 13
Capital One no longer requires travel notification
Lane 15
Cardless Access to ATMs in Europe
DB 3
Car equipped navigation, iPhone app, GPS or off-line maps?
windstaracres 11
Frank II 12
Celebrity Cruise's Xcelerate Internet Wi-Fi Plan?
peggy 5
Cell for teen
Pepita 9
cell phone
adrouin 5
Cell phone for extended use in Switzerland
seashellsflowers 1
Cell Phone for Ireland
David 5
Cell phone lanyard
Elaine 10
cell phones
inkatshands 3
Cell Phone Security Suggestion
joefig1995 10
Cell Phone Service through Sprint
Tom from... 6
Cell phones In Europe
Kay 2
Cell Phone Usage - New EU Roaming Rules for Multiple European Countries
CindyP 5
cell phone use in England
nancy 15
Cell phone use in multiple countries
lovencmnts 5
Cell service on the My Way Alpine Europe tour
Amy 7
Change password in RS forums?
Barnstormer 6
changing forum password
Nelly 3
Chaning from foreign to U.S. sim card while abroad
Carolyn 10
Charging FreeStyle Libre 2 in Europe
Mary 4
Charging iPhone and kindle
daisydrum 13
Charging iPhones and other devices
dremr58 13
Charging Nikon Coolpix battery
Joel 10
Checking email from Kindle
Travelbug 9
checking river flow
jaskerwin 14
Check to see if your phone is unlocked: buy a prepaid SIM for one penny
Andrew H. 4
Check your passport before end of year
phred 5
Chip and Pin
steve 10
Chip and Pin credit cards
KC 43
Chip and pin credit cards 2017
Kay 9
Chip and Pin Frustration
Jon 31
Chip and sign
swarfel 20
Choosing a compact camera to shoot travel stills and videos
3ddana 12
Chromebook for travelling (with backlit keyboard)
susanmiller93 7
Chromebook Suggestions
Cindy 21
City Mapper App is great!
Carol now... 5
Bill 24
smarcbie 6
City Maps 2Go and no data plan
LF 9