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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Chaning from foreign to U.S. sim card while abroad
Carolyn 10
Charging iPhone and kindle
daisydrum 13
Charging iPhones and other devices
dremr58 13
Charging Nikon Coolpix battery
Joel 10
Checking email from Kindle
Travelbug 9
checking river flow
jaskerwin 14
Check to see if your phone is unlocked: buy a prepaid SIM for one penny
Andrew H. 4
Check your passport before end of year
phred 5
Chip and Pin
steve 10
Chip and Pin credit cards
KC 43
Chip and pin credit cards 2017
Kay 9
Chip and Pin Frustration
Jon 31
Chip and sign
swarfel 20
Chromebook for travelling (with backlit keyboard)
susanmiller93 7
Chromebook Suggestions
Cindy 21
Bill 24
smarcbie 6
City Maps 2Go and no data plan
LF 9
Citymaps2go app free July 13 only
Nicole P 10
City Maps 2 Go Pro is free!
Nicole P 9
CityMaps2Go - Ulmon
Pilgrim 12
CityMaps2Go Weekend specail
LF 4
City Maps app free today, Sat, 26
Nicole P 4
City Maps to Go app free this weekend
Nicole P 15
Classical music concert sites or an ap to help us discover live performances throughout...
zagfam 9
Comfortable Earbud Recommendations Please
jlkelman 8
Comfortable earphones or headphones
Lo 12
Communicating with fellow travelers
adptapa89 21
communication tech - translator device & sim cards
phuongchi1 3
Complicated phone needs abroad
Ruth 78
Conflicting information -- Calling the US from Europe using Verizon
horsewoofie 7
Converter or adapter?
cindy 2
drthetford1 13
Converters and Adapters
jlheidel 16
Converting Celsius temperatures back to the Fahrenheit scale
Vic 65
Coordinating Samsungs - photo backup & recharging
Hermosa 5
Cost to receive text to US phone while in Italy
ckester 12
Cpap and a U.S. Extension Power Cord
Shari 9
CPAP travelers: Any HDM Z1 owners?
Mike Beebe 8
C-PAP water
susanjoyful 3
Create your own Google Trip Map
Gretchen 0
Creating a DVD from our old slides
Barbara 7
Creating an RS Tour Scrapbook
Larry 5
Creating a trip photo book
Ruth 33
Creating mobile hotspot with no wi-fi is available
bourgeoispeanut 1
Creating Phone numbers from other countries using Google Voice??
Bets 1
Credit card info
Kateja 12
Credit Cards
mruby 11
Credit card verification and too much Junk Mail!!
diveloonie... 14
Credit union debit card did not work in some European ATMs
Al 12