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Blogging App

I had the Blogger app on my iPad and iPhone. Long story short, because of iPad issues (really iOS 9.3 issues) the guy at the Apple Store reset my iPad. Most of my stuff was in the cloud, so no problem. When I tried to reinstall my Blogger app, I found it was no longer available. I found my blog, but I'm no longer able to post to it. I'm not going to blog from my phone.

My questions are-

  1. Is there any way for me to get that app back on my iPad?

  2. Is there another blogging app that is any good that will link to my Blogger/Blogspot blog?

  3. What is your favorite blogging app?

Thanks for any help!

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I'm surprised that the Blogger app is no longer available for iPad, considering it is owned by Google and is one of the most popular blogging apps out there. I have it on my phone, but usually blog from my netbook at the end of the day. Can it be downloaded from the Blogger site?

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Although it's a different app, you might have a look at Travelpod as it's very easy to use, can handle both photos and videos and has a companion app for iPhones & iPods.

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Can't help with the blogger question, but I also like Travelpod. Mostly now, I will just make notes about what we did/saw/ate/any funny moments as I'm usually tired at the end of the night...then after I get home, I will go on my desktop and just work from there to type in my memories. One nice thing about it - you can work on it while offline - so long train trips is a great time to do some entries...then you can upload when online.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I've checked the Blogger website and there doesn't appear to be any way to download the app from it. I think I'll try contacting someone there to see if I can get any help. The Travelpod app looks like a good choice if I can't make Blogger work for me. Blogger would be my preference since I've been blogging my trips there for the last 5 years.

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Try going to the App Store on your iPad. Go to the updates section then select purchased at the top of the updates screen. Then select "not on this iPad".

If you downloaded the app previously it should be in the list to install again. Click on the cloud logo to install if you see the app in the list.

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Thank you so much jbecker1! You saved the day!