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calling 112 from cell phone

Hi, I've read that calling 112 from a cell phone anywhere in Europe will put you through to the emergency services.
a) will this work from a North American based cell-phone provided I have a european calling plan?
b) do I really just dial 112 (no # etc in front?)
Thanks so much for your help.

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I've never had to call 112 but it should work with any phone, regardless of whether you have a European calling plan. I've seen a bit of information stating that it may also work for accessing emergency services here in North America, if calling from a cell phone. Not all areas may be set up for this, but next time I need to call 911, I might give it a try.

As I recall, the U.K. uses 999 so not sure if 112 works there?

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The number in the UK is 999, but 112 will also work (unless we bail from the EU)

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" (unless we bail from the EU)"

I imagine the bookmakers are working overtime trying to calculate whether the U.K. will bail or not. What are the odds running at right now?

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112 will work from any GSM phone, or from any landline, it is a legal requirement. Many countries have kept their traditional numbers as well (like 999 in the UK), but 112 will get you to the same place.
It even works if you have no credit on your phone or no SIM card in the phone. That was imposed by the EU as a legal requirement for setting up a phone service. So you don't need a 'calling-plan' (whatever that is), just a phone that is compatible with the European GSM system.

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Wow - such quick and helpful replies. Thanks! Susan