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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Old Ipad is heavy, will an Iphone 6plus work similar to an Ipad?
June 12
Old iPad question
tanddberry 9
One Bag Dot Com
Bill 1
One Device, 2 Listeners
blueokoboji 3
OneSim International Simcards
Jonathan 6
Online Banking Security
ftmsb 22
Online Blog To Hardcover Book
Andrea 7
online postal mailboxes
Willi 2
Online Reviews
Lane 15
Optimizing Phone as both a tool for communication and photography
zagfam 22
options for smart phone in Italy
polzinm 2
jarocco26 8
Orange Holiday SIM card
Cyn 18
OT: Photography--good manners
Ray 18
Packing Electronics
Frank II 38
Password locker
John 7
Pending Camera Ban...Plan B?
John 23
Phone access from Canada to US
gphillips12 6
Phone advice for Europe Family Trip
shf2000 11
Phone Confusion for first time traveler
ashleydoesyoga 9
Phone & Data Tips
Ira Serkes 10
phone for emergencies only
eknickman 2
Phone for the US
Kateja 5
Phone GPS for Walking or Auto
allsopp 9
Phone in Italy
Judy 4
Phone in Paris and Berlin
Porcupyn 7
phone in Turkey/Italy
Barb 4
Phone Lasso
Pilgrim 4
Phone photos instead of camera, storage question.
kknipfel 8
Phones and SIM cards
R and S 9
Phone suggestion
Frank II 6
Phone to use while driving in France
jsdsnv 6
Photo backup
Mira 7
Photo editing app for iPad
lnbsig 4
Photographers / Computer Users - How do you plan to handle the camera/computer ban?
Ira Serkes 34
Photographers opinions wanted (amateur or pro)
Georgiatraveler 12
Photography with the M4/3 systems
Barnstormer 10
Photo Organization Software
douglas 4
Photo Printer?
Dav 5
Photos of tickets? How does that help?
erob1224 17
Picasa 3
Den 11
pickpockets and smart phones
polzinm 17
pimsleur approach language learning
steve 6
Pixel 2 phones with eSIM and nanoSIM slots
Bruce 2
Please do not delete your thread!
Lola 12
Please, take a camera
phred 27
Plug Adapters and Power Converters
ashleydoesyoga 8
Plug adaptor question
Lola 7
Plug adaptors and Extension Cords
John 13
Plug adaptor with USB port for charging - can I trust it?
Lola 20