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Headphones for In-Flight Entertainment - Lufthansa LAX to Prague

I have tried via Lufthansa website to get this information with no results. I am flying Lufthansa LAX to Prague on an Airbus Industrie A380-800 in Economy Premium class. Do they provide headphones or do I need to bring my own? If need to bring my own, what type of jack do they have?
Thank you for any help.

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Every long distance flight I’ve been on has always provide earphone type.

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According to the, here is what they provided him last summer "Flight attendants distributed non-noise-canceling headphones, each of which came with new foam covers to keep the each ear piece — and my ears — clean. " You can check out his full review here

From long flights I bring my own inexpensive noise-canceling headphones, but understand if you're trying to save space. At a minimum I'd recommend bringing a decent pair of earbuds. I normally do anyway in case I want to listen to music on my phone during the trip.

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They use the same small jack used on tablets and cellphones. Upon our return from Europe 2 weeks ago, we ended up with 12 pairs of headphones in our backpack. Most don't sound too bad either..

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Every Lufthansa long-haul we have been on in the last 7 years has provided us with the ubiquitous headphones. I doubt anything has changed since April.

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David- are you trying to outfit an entire tour group on your own? You know that you can just leave them behind on the plane if you don't need them?

Never been a fan of the way airline headphones fit me, or the sound quality, as a result of poor fit. I bring my own noise cancelling ear buds and leave the airline set unopened in its package. Bonus, I can sleep for hours with my ear buds in.

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I don't think any airline provides truly noise-cancelling headphones for free on a flight. It's your basic cheap set that may or may not actually fit in your ears. Only over-the-ear headphones work for me, but everyone's different. But I often find it still doesn't block out a crying baby or neighbors who think it's perfectly acceptable to speak in loud conversational voices when the plane is dark and most are trying to sleep ;)

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Well, what suits you the best. I mean you can go with taps, headphones, headsets. You can also try wireless headphones. For traveling I believe that wireless will do the job perfectly. Yet there are some pros and cons. I suppose you don't want your headphones just for traveling. You might be playing games, listening to music, watching movies. You should consider those factors too when purchasing your headsets. A guide that made it easy for when I was buying headphones for gaming. I'm a gamer in most of my time so if you have more questions or you are experiencing some difficulties, let me know and I'll assisst you at my best.

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I had a nice set of Sony headphones which cut the plane noise in half - "free noise canceling" :-)
I lost them.

I bought in-ear noise canceling headphones for flights.
They do ok but not much better than my old Sony set.
My noise canceling set is very small, that's why I use them rather than over-the-ear sets.

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Every international flight I have been on (last 5 years) let’s you use a standard phone jack in their entertainment equipment. Personally I use the Bose in ear version including the noise canceling. Great for listening to RS walking tours I download and works with most Museum audio sets too.