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Great Airmiles Deal on an Excellent Camera

To any airmiles collectors out there, has a great deal on the Sony DSC-RX100. If you are an Onyx member, you can get this camera for only 2,650 airmiles. Based on a CAD 10cents per mile, that is almost a 50% savings over the regular price for this camera.

The RX100 is a great camera for anyone looking for the so-called "best" travel camera. This is the original of now 5 models of the RX100. The newer ones obviously have newer tech and some additional bells and whistles. However, this first generation model has the two features which will beat most compact cameras and push it almost to the level of a mirrorless camera. 1. A large high quality sensor. 2. A high quality, fast f1.8 lens with a 28-100mm equivalent lens.

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Just remember, you must be a resident of Canada to collect rewards!!! I'm jealous ;>-).

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I have one and use it as my "walk around" camera when I travel. Once I took it to Central Mexico and used it as my only camera. Although several years old, I think it has some advantages over the newer models of the RX100 (such as a slightly longer lens etc---and a few disadvantages as well.) It is a great choice of cameras......not a total panacea for the weight/hassle/equipment/picture quality dilemma, but a nice solution none-the-less.

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Yeah, i forget that this is a Canadian rewards program. Also, you have to be Onyx status, which means you have to collect over 6000 airmiles in a year to qualify for the discount. There are a lot of Canadians on this forum and air miles collecting is very popular up here.

For years, i was just a modest collector, using my no-fee mastercard earning 1 airmile for every $20 spent. In the last year, i have had to do the grocery shopping because my wife got a weekend job. Safeway offers crazy reward airmiles. Last week, i earned 500 airmiles (that is worth about $50) on $100 of groceries. I have enough laundry detergent to last us for 6 months.

I am tempted to get the RX100, but i already have more camera equipment than i need.