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I see that we are asked to bring corded headphones for the tour. They are not so common anymore. Will wireless earbuds suffice? If not, corded headphones come with a variety of connection pins. Is there any more specific advice on what sort of "corded headphones"?

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if it says corded headphones, just do what they say. Headphones come in only two connector types, big pin and small pin. You will likely need the small pin, like we used to use with cellphones. Most headphones you purchase will come with the big/small adapter. Not hard to find at CVS, Walgreens, etc.

On a river cruise in Strausbourg they handed out cheap little corded earbuds, which they collected at the end of the trip to "recycle" which I hope they did. Delta hands out the same in premium economy if you ask, since the plane is also not cordless.

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You don't have to bring headphones, earbuds will be provided. If you choose to bring your own, comfortable, earbuds or earphones they will need to be wired to use with the system the tour uses on walking tours.

My android compatible earbuds have the correct connection.

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They would like you to bring your own corded headphones for the wireless receivers your guides use to talk to the group. You can call RS to make sure, but I have read here on the forum the listening systems all use 1/8", the standard earphone plug since Ye Olde Walkman days. Well, old-style would be tip-ring-sleeve. These days there are four or more rings used to connect mics and controls to your phone. There may an illustration somewhere not he site.

You can bring any additional headphones you wish for use with your other devices.

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My experience has been that corded earbuds are supplied along with the "whisper" devices that let the guides talk to you without shouting or amplification. They have worked quite well for me on RS and other tours. But they don't work if you already have hearing aids taking up ear canal real estate. Having crossed that threshold a few years ago, I'm bringing a set of cheap corded headphones from a big box store. But if your ears are unencumbered you should be fine with the buds (yours to keep).

Bluetooth won't do the job, the whisper devices work with cords. Your receiver is around your neck and you can adjust the volume.

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I believe that your email is for people who have hearing aids. I recently returned from Rick’s tour of Belgium and Holland. I use hearing aids and during the tour I used the ear piece that the guide provided. I wore my hearing aid in one ear and the ear piece connected to the whisper system in the other. The headphones were corded. One of the tour members used a corded headphone when the tour guides were speaking.

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gsalmon50- In the tours I've been on they've been made available. Sometimes they've been a single earbud (which is fine with me) and a rather short cord. The short cord is fine if you wear the device around your neck, but I prefer to have it in the pocket of my pants or my bag, for which a longer cord is necessary—"standard" length, usually about 1m/3', does the trick.

If you pack a set they should the 3.5mm plug—the kind we all used a decade ago.

phred- Wired headphones could have five types of connectors: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 6.35mm, Lightening, and USB-C.

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Just curious if this would work for you…we bought a product called AirFly. It has the headphone jack but transmits Bluetooth. So on the airplane, I can plug in my air fly but use my air pods to listen to the movie.