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Google Translate

I could be late to the game, but I have just discovered the camera function on my Google Translate app. Point the phone camera at whatever you need translated and instant translate. Great for the grocery store. I can imagine all kinds of uses once I start traveling again.

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Yes, very handy! I’ve used it for historical plaques, and also the little written descriptions next to museum artifacts. Often there are English translations but sometimes there’s more info in the country’s language.

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Yes! It is quite the game changer at restaurants. Makes it much easier to go to authentic places that don’t have an English menu

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Yes, a great help. Especially in grocery stores. I encourage you to play with the app so you can become acquainted with its use. You can snap a picture and it will translate as well so you don't have to hover over a menu or whatever you are pointing towards.

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Yes, it is very useful and helpful to be able to use the camera translate function .