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Has anyone used VPN apps while traveling?

It seems like a good idea to use those virtual private network apps to prevent people from stealing your information what are you using public Wi-Fi perhaps even in a hotel. Is anyone used one of these or have any recommendations?

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If I were traveling for business and had send and share sensitive business documents regarding business deals, personnel data, and proprietary information I would use a VPN to encrypt.
On vacation it is overkill. Most websites that require a password (including this message board) are encrypted these days, and that's good enough me.

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We use a VPN when traveling for anything financial. Witopia and Hide My Ass both work well as long as only one person is logged in at a time.

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I try to always use VPN while connected to Wi-Fi. Personally, I use TunnelBear but there are a host of others that work well. The best protection from an untrusted network when you have to use one, I think, is direct, encrypted access to a trusted one (VPN). If you need to use Wi-Fi but choose not to install VPN, consider a “semi-open” Wi-Fi instead of completely open networks, such as coffee shops that have hidden SSIDs or give up their passwords only to customers instead of giving them out freely.