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Have a Tom-Tom with European maps. Thinking about taken my device for my upcoming trip. My questions is, will my device be able to be plugged into the cigarette lighter of the European rental car?
Are European cars 12 volt?

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Like Ed said. But check that the previous renter did not blow the fuse with his water boiler. The GPS will run on batteries and you have to notice that the "charging" icon isn't lit, in that case. Put in a Euro set of coordinates to make sure you have working maps, before you go. (I'm a Garmin owner, so I'm not making a Tomtom specific comment.)

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Our Tom Tom worked fine in our rental cars in Europe. At least one thing is compatible.

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I don't know what a water boiler is, but the fuse for the lighter/charger does sometimes blow. I had that happen once in a domestic rental. By the time my gps died, I was 20 miles or so down the road.

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Thank you all for your replies. You gave me "peace of mind" for one of my major concerns for my upcoming "first" time driving in Europe.

As Rick would say, "Happy Travels"!

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Although you got some positive responses regarding the use of your GPS, like in the US there will be dead spots with no transmission. I will have to assume you will still have maps to use for travel. The direction signs in Europe usually reference the next city / town your headed. On your map, you'll be able to identify the next city and directions while still relying on your GPS. When traveling off the major highways, the road signage will not be in english, sometimes it might. You might want to read up on road signs. In fact I highly recommend it. Still traveling by car is still a great way to see Europe. Even if you get lost, you will always find your way. Some of my memorable travel experiences were not planned. Have a great trip.