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GPS in the rental

I am going to rent a car for my trip to Switzerland and Germany. Some cars have a built in GPS. Are they able to change the language to English for me?

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We had the person at the car checkout in the garage change the language for us and to show us some of the features of the GPS. Note that the maps on the GPS are for the country you rent the car in. You might still get maps for another country, but they may not be as detailed taking you to an exact address.

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Yes, the rental car's GPS can be changed to English.

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I guess it depends on the people at the car rental place. We rented in Paris (Europcar), the person before us must have been German as the integrated GPS was speaking German. We asked if they knew how to change it to English but they said no (well, I'm sure they did). Anyhoo, we eventually figured it our after getting on the road and somehow hitting the button that took us back to the last destination which was somewhere in the middle of Paris instead of heading for Caen! We are not GPS users at home, so were a little stupid about the fact that the journey should take 3 hrs, not 30 min. We thought it was taking us to a certain point, where we would then get the next leg of the journey. Needless to say, thank goodness it was a Sun morning, so traffic wasn't too bad. Wasted prob an hour til we got sorted out.