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Hearing aides and need to listen to quide

Trying to find out what my husband needs to purchase or not, to hear our guide on our upcoming tour. Previous RS tours, we used what the quide gave us , transmitter and earphones. Has this changed?
He has new Bluetooth hearing aides and not sure if he needs to buy something or not. Thanks.

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Yes - standard corded ear buds connected to the box. There is no bluetooth option yet.

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I wore my Bluetooth hearing aids during our trip. Our guide had a few over the ear type earphones. It only goes over one ear and "hang" from the top of your ear, which "threads" through the earphone. Hard to explain - wish I had taken a photo. Anyway, I imagine your guide will have that option, too. These are designed for people with hearing aids.

That being said, your husband will want to try various N95-KN95 masks to find what works best for him. I avoided the ones that go behind your ears and opted for those that had two elastics that went around my whole head. Or if he has the "behind the ear elastics" type, he will probably want to get a mask extender strap. Hope that helps!

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Our guide used a Whispernet transmitter, with earbud in one ear. Our guide suggested those with hearing aids including bluetooth ones use over-the-ear headphones. My husband had a Bose set which worked ok with the whisper net receiver.

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So does this mean the Whispernet transmitter has Bluetooth?

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My husband used the model the guide had for hearing aids and that worked fine. I did want to echo the comment about watching out for the mask straps. He lost one of his hearing aids half-way through the tour because he took his mask off without concentrating. Additionally, it was the hearing aid that controls the volume for both. After that I focused every time he took his mask off as it would have been miserable if he’d lost the other one.