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Cycle touring in Poland
jessie.av.mcneil 6
Train or Plane for Travel within Poland?
jhill32032 15
Krakow to Budapest
Jim 1
Berlin to Krakow by bus.
Jim 9
Polski bus from Berlin to Krakow
Jim 1
Train or fly Warsaw to Berlin/ boutique hotel?
jjacobs 4
Traveling in Poland
jkg 4
Comments on Betmanowska Main Square Residence in Krakow?
jkoozzz 1
Poland next summer
jlouky 17
Tour Guide or Travel Info on Kalisz
jmdravet 2
KRAKOW with Mielec
jmjbrtw 6
Driving across border from Poland
jmjbrtw 10
Train Prague to Krakow
jmjbrtw 7
Hiring a Guide to visit Village outside of Lublin
joeandkarenk 5
Renting a car
John 4
What is the best way to get to and around Redzikowo, Poland
johnlori9 4
Visit to Tatar Mtns or Wroclaw and surrounds
jonbrush 0
3 or 4 nights each in Warsaw, Gdansk, and Krakow?
Joseph 12
My husband and I are interested in spending a month in Poland.
Joy 14
Rick Steves Poland Tour
Joy 19
Advice on itinerary for 15 sleeps in Poland
jrjcomm 17
How much time: Warsaw vs. Gdansk
jrjcomm 4
Traveling in Poland with an Infant
Jtraveler 6
New to Poland
judithchristia 5
Krakow to Zalipie
judithchristia 2
Concentration Camp travel questions
judy 27
Concentration Camp/WWII sites Itinerary round 2
judy 4
Concentration Camp/WWII sites Itinerary round 2 with corrections
judy 22
Tour guide in Gdansk
judysdoyle 2
Krakow to Budapest: Great Bus Trip!
juliecooper23 11
Warsaw/Krakow Must See's
justinwojo 16
Reserving Trains in July?
justinwojo 1
Food Tour in Krakow with Delicious Poland
Karen 1
Amazing Food Tasting Tour in Krakow!
Karen 6
Visiting Wisla
KarenJ 6
Beware the uber cleaning fee scam.
kat 17
Best Time to Visit
Kathy 13
Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw
Kathy 7
Packing Light in June
Kathy 2
Tipping in Poland
Kathy 9
C-pap machine on overnight train from Kraków to Prague?
Kathy 2
Ease of travel: Kraków to Prague or Kraków to Budapest?
Kathy 4
Laundry in Gdansk
Kathy 1
Another Auschwitz Post
katramsburg 10
Daytrip Auschwitz Birkenau from Krakow
katzenmimi 12
Krakow to Hamburg
Kay 4
Trains (General Inquiry)
KayDubai 8
Safety in Poland
KayDubai 7
Is a 50 minute connection Delta to KLM safe in Amsterdam?
kbarger 10
Bialowieza Forest options
KC 2