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Andrew Durman- Krakow

I wanted to reintroduce Andrew Durman to anyone who needs to hire a driver around Krakow. The old website showed his name under "the best experiences in Poland" so frequently and I think many of us really miss that format and we sort of "lost" Andrew because of that.

We hired Andrew to drive us for the day to my husband's grandfather's town about an hour away from Krakow. From our first contact by email to the time we said goodbye at the hotel was one of the best travel experiences we have ever had.

Andrew was always prompt and concise in his communication and we were thrilled that he made some phone calls to possible relatives before we came. We did get connected with someone who is likely a distant cousin and through him we met a number of people who also had the same last name. We really just didn't have enough info to truly connect the dots even though we made a visit to the priest and were given more documents that allowed me to go back TWO more generations. Andrew made a huge effort to find those ancestors!

We were invited into people's homes and had breakfast with the one relative who ran the funeral business in both towns. That is a great connection! What we discovered was that the Polish people were so very kind and helpful and happy to meet us.

Andrew gave us much information about so many topics and he is truly a kind Polish gentleman. We highly recommend hiring Andrew for any travel needs in this area of Poland.

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We contacted Andrew to pick us up at the airport in Krakow on August 31, 2014, and also, to take us to Auschwitz Birkenau on September 2, 2014.

We were met at the gate at the airport by another driver Andrew had arranged - (We found out later that some American VIP was arriving in Krakow at about the same time, so Andrew drove him - some dude by the name of Rick Steves .... anyone heard of him?) Anyway, the driver Andrew sent was very nice, courteous, polite, helpful and informative. We were very pleased. He even called Andrew from his car so we would touch base with Andrew.

We had originally contacted Andrew to drive us because we knew if he was in Rick's book, we would be getting a good driver, someone fair and honest and top-notch. We got so much more. On our day with Andrew at Auschwitz we felt more like we had a private tour guide than just someone to transport us. He is so warm and engaging and helpful. During the drive there, Andrew gave us so much information. He made sure to get us there in time for the free admission. He made sure we got the most out of visit, gave us so much information ... we felt like we spent the day with an old friend. There's nothing fun about Auschwitz Birkenau, but experiencing it with Andrew made it very meaningful, and even more powerful. Again, it was more like being escorted by an old friend. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone, and when we return to Krakow, we will certainly be seeing our new old friend, Andrew.

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By any chance would Andrew be willing to drive my fiance' and I from Krakow to Auschwitz and then on to Prague with a quick stop in Kutna Hora(I really want to see the church with all the bones)?

I've never hired a private driver in Europe but being that he is so highly recommended then I feel like I should look into using his services.

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We hired Andrew Durman in October, 2014, initially to take us to Auschwitz and Birkenau for a day and then into northern Solvakia. I made these arrangements some months in advance through emailing with Andrew. I told him our plan was to take a train from northern Solvakia to Budapest and he said "I can drive you there if you want." The cost was really no more and we were delighted to see Slovakia by private car and guide. We were arriving first in Prague and had planned to take the overnight train to Krakow next, but when tickets became available for purchase there were no double sleeper cars available. So I looked into flying via Warsaw to Krakow. And then I thought I'd ask Andrew what his suggestion would be to get from Prague to Krakow. And again he said "I can pick you up in Prague." What a relief it was to hear that! Our experience with Andrew was awesome!!! He was always on time, a wealth of information, showed us things we would not have experienced on our own, just a pure delight! When we had to say goodbye in Budapest, I cried. It was like saying goodbye to a family member. We live in the Chicago area and Andrew had lived in Chicago in the early 1980's so we had that in common. He loved Chicago and we loved his beautiful city of Krakow. We highly recommend Andrew Durman! Miss you, Andrew!

Linda Adamovich
Naperville, IL