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One day in Gdansk, should we go to Stutthof Concentration Camp?

We are on a cruise and have one day in Gdansk. If we go to Stutthof Concentration will that take our entire day? Is it worth it? Should we take a tour or just go ourselves? We have traveled a lot so I'm not sure we need a tour unless you think it is worth it.

Thank you!

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I agree, Gdansk is such a lovely city, just walking around you can enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to eat a donut.

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Great! Thank you so much. We will stay in Gdansk

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Allow me to warn you about how time-consuming two of the (wonderful) local museums can be if you are interested in their subject matter. The Solidarity Center took me well over half a day, and the new World War II Museum was 20 hours. I realize the latter was extreme, but it's an indication of how much English-language information (and English-subtitled video) is available at that museum. If you can allow only an hour or two to see one of those museums, I'd generally recommend the Solidarity Center, because I believe a short visit to the WW II Museum would be more difficult to strategize. I also ran into a bit of a wait at the ticket counter of the WW II Museum on one of my visits. Perhaps because it is relatively new, it's getting a lot of visitors.

If you're more into seeing pretty things, there's an amber museum in the historic center that I liked. Gdansk is so gorgeous that it's great just to walk up and down the streets.

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We didn't have time for the Solidarity Museum, but the WWII museum in Gdansk is outstanding!

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Hi Denise,

There are so many other great things to do in Gdansk: Museum of the Second World War, European Solidarity Centre, Amber Museum, Uphagen's House - those are just a few top places.
If you have just one day, then Stutthof Concentration camp would be a waste of time. I know it's all about personal preferences, but Gdansk is too beautiful to go to a nearby concentration camp.
You can check other places to visit in Gdansk here: