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What is travel really like now in Poland?

Oh, how I want to go back to Poland, but feel a bit paralyzed with the ever-changing state of Covid in the USA. Are the museums, restaurants, churches, etc pretty much back to normal? In the big cities, do people mask up? What about on public transportation?

We are hoping to take trains and flights between Prague, Budapest, and Krakow and then take the bus or train to Rzeszow to visit relatives. Thanks for any reassurance.

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I live in Warsaw. Things have been normal since about May except for the mask requirement in enclosed public spaces and public transport (often ignored). Lots of places outside the big cities have been effectively mask free for most of the pandemic anyway (masks are not policed)

Currently we are having an early infection season caused by temperatures suddenly dropping from 25-30 Celsius to 10 or even freezing at nights over just a few days. The weather has now improved but still it made quite a few people to get common cold symptoms and they are visible in public places. Vast majority of people don't seem to be bothered about it and the situation starts to look like pre-covid at this time of year - coughing and sneezing people in shops, offices and public transport.