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London to Poland

We are taking a transatlantic cruise to England with the main purpose of visiting Poland. We have two destinations: the area around Rzeszow (for family) and then to Krakow. We are hoping to take a flight back to the USA from Krakow. What is the least expensive way to get to RZE? It seems that LOT airlines or British airways have good flights. This is for next May.

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We are taking a transatlantic cruise to England with the main purpose of visiting Poland. What!!? How does that make sense? Are spending any time in London or anywhere else in UK?

Krakow only has european flights, although it is a very good selection.

" It seems that LOT airlines or British airways have good flights." - is this is based on the advice of someone who only knows one UK airport, namely the dreaded Heathrow?? The main reasons anyone uses those flights is that they are close to Heathrow or they are charging it to expenses and want the few frills they offer. Thousand of Poles live in UK and few would use flights from there. The main carriers from UK to Krakow are easyjet and Ryanair, if you book NOW for next May they will probably offer you a fare so cheap it looks like a typo. But don't forget to add the fee for luggage. And Wizzair flies to Katowice which is only about 60 miles from Krakow

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Consider taking the Polski Bus from Krakow to Rzeszow. The fare is almost nil it's so low, although it's likely too early to buy a ticket now. It's about a 2.5 hour ride (more or less).

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If you are taking a transatlantic cruise, it will most likely arrive at Southampton, not London itself. Do you want to spend any time in London, or in other parts of the UK, or do you want to go right to Poland?

To find flights within Europe, use Skyscanner:

If you are going right from Southampton, note that it has its own small airport; it won't have nonstops to Poland, though. There is also a bus from Southampton right to Heathrow airport.

Conversely, if you're seeing other parts of the UK, you don't have to return to London to get a flight to Poland, but can use a closer airport (eg, Manchester).

For London, use LON to pull up "All London Airports" unless you have a reason to favor one over the others. Officially, London has six airports (Heathrow, City, Stansted, Luton, Gatwick, and Southend). Some take more time and/or money to reach from central London.

To see all nonstop flight options from an airport, go to that airport's Wikipedia page. Here's the one for Rzeszow:

Looking at that, I see flights to Rzeszow on Ryanair from Luton and Stansted. If you take one of these, do be sure to read ALL the fine print about Ryanair's terms and conditions, and know that they will follow their rules strictly. If one of these flights does interest you, book as soon as you are sure of your plans - the prices only go up closer to travel.

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Check if WizzAir flies from London (Luton?) to Krakow.

A few years back a friend of mine here flew SFO to London, then a connecting flight WizzAir to Gdansk. She didn't want to take the train from Paris or Berlin to Gdansk.

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Taking a transatlantic cruise to Europe from the USA and then flying to the country you REALLY want to go to (Poland) makes perfect sense IF you have the time. Last year, we took a 14 night cruise to Barcelona and stopped at several ports before reaching our destination for $479 PP (includes cabin, food, entertainment (shows, dancing every night), etc.) It cost $65 to get from Barcelona to WAW. The cruise air from Warsaw back to the Columbus, OH was $426 PP. So, I had a month in Europe and my "round trip" was less than $950. This strategy only works because we are retired!

This time we are going on another 14 night cruise and will be visiting Spain, Portugal, France and then end up in Southampton. We will take the National Express to London and visit for two days and that is where we need the flight to Poland. Your advice was very helpful! BTW- I have a friend and her DH who are flying to Italy and their RT airfare cost them $3,000. So getting another vacation tacked onto a mainland Europe trip by using a Transatlantic cruise can be a great idea.

Thanks for your help.

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central London is equally inconvenient for all it's airports except City, which as far as I know doesn't have flights going in your direction.

Getting out to the other 4 can be expensive, since you know National Express check their routes and prices. Heathrow is only £6 by Underground but the flights are likely to be more expensive (until they are all expensive in the final days). Basically is a complex formula involving flight prices (don't forget any extra charges for luggage) + transfer costs X convenience of transfer X convenience of flight times. Check everything and make a comparison list before making a decision.

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If your cruise docks at Southampton (most likely) then Ryanair operate flights from nearby Bournemouth to Krakow. Southampton to Bournemouth is 30 minutes by train. Bournemouth itself is a lovely seaside town and May should be good weather on the South Coast. Dependant on how long you intend to stay in the UK it may be far cheaper and far less hassle to stay a night or two in Bournemouth (or nearby) and fly from there.

Ryanair frequently offer sales throughout the year although currently they're looking a bit vulnerable. Prices for next May are around £60 one way however bear in mind the additional luggage costs. If you're coming via a cruise I'm assuming you'll have more than a carry on.

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If considering RyanAir do a little check on the extremely hot water they currently find themselves in, removing at last count upwards of 30 routes completely and cancelling around 20,000 (yes, thousand) flights.

Maybe it will all be resolved by May. Maybe RyanAir will disappear under the waves for the third time. Nobody knows....