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We want to visit Zakopane from Krakow in mid May on a Friday. I wanted to verify that it is easy to travel there by bus from Krakow. Is the town easy to navigate? Also, besides the train that goes to Gubalowka, what would you recommend doing besides eating and shopping. We are seniors although in pretty good shape, but not hikers.

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Zakopane is a mountain resort in High Tatras mountains. I would recommend visit to Morskie Oko - absolutely beautiful mountain lake right under the highest mountain of Poland - Rysy. But in May I am afraid it would be still a lot of snow around there. Inquire in Zakopane. They have tourist buses going there. From the parking lot it's about two hours hike or you can take a wagon pulled by strong horses. Then you walk about 10 minutes to the lake.
Besides eating and shopping - go for dinner to restaurants where gural folk music bands play their songs. The songs are very characteristic for the region like Irish and Scottish folk songs are characteristic for their region. But of course they are very different.

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Donna, Zakopane is easy to navigate. There is one long strollable winding street (can't think of name) that is end-to-end shops and restaurants, etc. The most interesting thing to see (surprisingly) is a cemetery. Its hard to describe, but the old family plots are highly and creatively decorated. There is a big market at the foot of the mountain, where you can sample local honeys and cheese.

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We did end up visiting and taking the bus there is very easy. It is also, like you said, easy to navigate. It was a delightful day!