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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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money belts
cindy 26
Need suggestions for a personal item bag
Cindy H 7
Montbell Sale on Ultralight Rain Gear
Cindy H 5
The trade offs of ultralight luggage
Cindy H 46
California wants to ban courtesy shampoo bottles
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Penny wise pound foolish
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RIP Gert Boyle, Columbia Chair
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Yet another reason to go carry on
Cindy H 45
Anyone familiar with the ULA Dragonfly pack?
Cindy H 20
Eddie Bauer Travel Shirt on Sale at Costco
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Newbie question about luggage
Cissy K 53
Air Canada
Cissy K 9
Sending luggage ahead in Switzerland
Cissy K 6
Travel Steamer
Cissy K 11
Lufthansa personal bag size is very small
cjkml 10
Samsonite Airea -- I saw one on Amazon through the Amazon Global UK store.
cjkml 4
samsonite c-lite or Black label carry on 1.8kg
cjkml 4
Insect repellent needed end of April in Italy?
cjkml 11
Pool Noodles
cj-traveler 5
32 Degree multimedia jacket
cj-traveler 5
Pacsafe products on Costco website
cj-traveler 8
Hotel Tea Kettles - why not to use
cj-traveler 26
Container Store Backpack
cj-traveler 6
Rick Steves Tour Luggage Limitation
cj-traveler 29
My favorite new toiletry bag
cj-traveler 14
Lightweight but appropriate for dinner dresses
ck 7
Shipping ski equipment to chamonix from US
ckohut 9
A Cautionary Tale on Lost Passports and Packing EARLY
Claire89 25
Bag Report - Italy in Summer
clange 4
How to carry home gifts if you have only brought a carry on bag and it is full!
clmahin 35
cmcr1954 4
This "bundle packing" looks awesome!
cmontroy 22
How we solved our rural-to-urban packing challenge; rah, Swiss Post!
coachlbridges 11
Strategy to talk BIL into packing light
coachlbridges 19
What to carry in day bag?
CoKaLa 26
Southwest Airlines is Recycling Old Upholstery
Colette 4
Unisex Undies
Colette 8
Documentions Format
CollinsDtc 12
Luggage Storage
conrad.lisa 7
Facial tissues
constabe 14
Consumer Reports: When Buying Carry-On Luggage, Don't judge a bag only by its exterior
Continental 7
Dooney & Bourke Zip Zip purse -- good for travel?
Continental 23
Seeking Neck Pillow Recommendations
Continental 15
RS Packable Tote or RS Hide-Away Tote?
Continental 13
Jacket for Germany & Switzerland in April?
Courtney 3
Carry on size enforcement
cprice 17
Timbuk2 Medium messenger as personal item
cprice 5
Updated Recommendations for Women's Wrinkle Resistant Dresses?
cprothero 19
Suggested Male Bathing Suits Southern France
craigjoh 1
storing luggage
crashley_ashley 6