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packing list post trip

I went for one month in September. I am going to say that what I did was the currently trendy "slow travel." Eighteen days in London and ten days in Paris. I would do it again, in fact I may very well do it again. I have tweaked my packing list, now that I have been back home for a while.

Flight Outfit

1 leggings
1 tshirt
1 long sleeve shirt button down
1 cardigan
1 coat
1 Shoes
1 compression socks
1 sport bra
1 underwear
1 scarf light
1 mask
1 money belt

Personal Item

1 neck pillow
1 earplugs
1 wired/wireless headphones
1 headphone charger & audio cable
1 tablet
1 charger 4 tablet
1 phone
1 phone charger cable
1 SD card reader
2 SD cards
1 Portable Charger
1 Power Adapter
1 Euro Power Adapter
2 airplane snacks
1 makeup bag
1 prescriptions+vitamins
1 water bottle
4 masks
1 reading glasses
3 pens
1 sanitizing wipes
1 hand sanitizer
1 notepad
1 chapstick
1 eye drops
1 Tshirt & underwear
1 spoon & fork
1 baby wipes
1 packet of tissues
1 lotion
1 gum
1 cough drops
1 copy of documents


1 toiletries bag
1 liquid bag
1 electric converter
2 charger cables
1 pajamas-tank&shorts
2 jeggings/jeans
3 t shirts
1 long sleeve shirt button down
7 underwear
1 underwear long leg
1 skirt
1 scarf light
2 bra
7 socks
1 packable windbreaker
1 travel towel
1 shower sandals
1 padlock
1 laundry soap sheets
1 reading glasses
1 flats
1 backpack cover
10 masks
2 fold up grocery bags
1 copy of documents
2 plastic bags
2 S hooks

toiletries bag

1 shampoo bar
1 conditioner bar
1 sunscreen
1 Olay Facial Cloths
1 soap bar
3 pouches soap/shampoo
1 deodorant
1 toothpaste
1 oil roll on
1 toothbrush
1 floss
1 washcloth quick dry
1 moisturizer
2 razor
1 first aid kit
1 q tips
1 empty spray bottle

Makeup Bag
1 foundation
1 mascara
1 primer
2 brushes
2 lipstick
1 mascara guide
1 tweezers
1 tiny scissors
1 eyeshadow
2 blush
1 powder compact
1 nail clippers + file
0 solid perfume
1 mirror compact
1 eyeliner pencil
1 hairbrush
1 round brush
1 comb

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I don't think I have that many things in my closet at home.

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It's a great idea to pack light and consider buying some items at your destination. This can save you time and space in your luggage. Your packing list seems very organized and comprehensive. It's always a good idea to pack versatile and comfortable clothing that can be mixed and matched, and your list seems to reflect that. Make sure to check the restrictions on liquids when traveling, and consider using solid toiletries or buying them at your destination to avoid any issues at security. Overall, your packing list seems well thought out and practical for a long-term trip.

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Very nicely organized list - I will say that I consider that a LOT of stuff to bring - I think my packing list is about half that. I don't bring much makeup (I realize that is a personal decision) and I usually don't bring shampoo or soap, since I've never come across a hotel or B&B or even self-catering place that did not have it available (except for a horrid experience outside Chicago - but that's another story). And I limit my tops/pants to 4 each and try to keep them as lightweight as possible.

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I won’t comment on your specific items; that’s for you to decide. But, I’m happy to hear that you looked at your list and tweaked it after you returned.

I pack very light, and there’s still something I learn from each trip. I brought a cute top on my trip last year that washes & dries very quickly, and I enjoy wearing it at home. But, on a humid day in Europe, it felt like I was enclosed in a shirt made of plastic! I ended up just wearing it in the evenings at some locations, so that one isn’t coming to Croatia!

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Oh, and thank you for deciding to not bring the perfume next time! - Clapping : )
Many colognes & perfumes trigger headaches, especially in an enclosed space like an airplane.

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I should have stated, I stayed in hostels, so I had to bring my own shampoo and soap. This is pared down from what I actually brought and everything fit into a 40 liter backpack and a purse. I did make sure that the cloths were lightweight and packed small.

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I am very impressed with this list! As a list person, I really respect the way you have included every item. When I look at the long list, I think “Wow! That’s a lot of stuff!” When I look at every item, I see that it’s minimal clothes - I count 5 tshirts, two long sleeve shirts, 3 leggings/jeans, 1 skirt, and two pairs of shoes (3 with shower sandals) and various outerwear. I bring almost all of the same personal items without the make up as mine is very minimal.

I’m just curious what I’m not doing that I don’t have an empty spray bottle on my list 😂

Thanks for posting.

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Great list!
This is less than I bring in carryon only, and all on this list will definitely fit that criteria.
Thanks for sharing.

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I think you did a great job of packing and I love that you included virtually everything you took when you posted it. Thanks for taking the time to create list and share with us.

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Thank you for sharing your list. There are a number of items that I didn't even think about that I am now going to add to my packing list.

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Thanks for sharing your packing list. It’s important to list the little things so they aren’t forgotten. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go. I add and subtract as I plan my trip and update it when I get home. My list is as detailed as yours, otherwise I’d never remember anything. Bet your working copy has boxes to check everything off as it’s loaded.

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I don't care what you take as long as it fits in a 21" rolling bag and weighs 22 lbs. or less.

Because our family rules are that everyone has to handle their own bags. Feel free to go up to the above level.

I just got back after a week, and I still didn't use half the clothes in my bag. We also often will book an apartment or B&B with a washer/dryer--and that allows us to carry less clothes even.

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Yes, the empty spray bottle is to de-wrinkle my clothes. I also tend to get bed head, so I spritz my hair as I comb it.