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slim packing cubes only

There is a size of packing cube designated as "slim". They are approximately 14"L x 5"W x 3"H. I have discarded my packing cubes that are other sizes and now just use the "slim" ones. I like the way I can organize with them and they force me to pack light. My method is pretty straightforward, one cube for bottoms, one for tops, and one for underwear, socks, and PJs. I have found that if I roll my clothes tightly, they can't be compressed any further than they already are, so I don't get compression bags. I have found that larger packing cubes bulge out at the center and don't hold my clothes in tight rolls. Note that this is for my clothes only. I do have separate bags for electronics and toiletries.

Also, I repack my dirty clothes. I bring along grocery store produce bags and anything dirty gets re-rolled, placed in a produce bag, and packed into a packing cube beside its compatriots. I usually find a laundromat once a week and do my laundry all at once, this method isn't necessary for the daily sink washers.

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I love the slim packing cubes. I also use them for my undies, socks, pj. I also use a separate one for my hubby. They slip in perfectly on the side or in the middle of my suitcase.
But, I do use a regular rectangle cubes for tops, bathing suit if needed, etc. I also love the packing folder style for our collared shirts.

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Wow, the 5” width is really small! I used to pack with the RS large and medium packing cube and later used a couple of Eagle Creek lightweight shoe bags as packing cubes - one for shirts, one for dirty clothes. I haven’t ever rolled my clothes.

For a comparison, the dimensions she is referring to are half the width of the medium Eagle Creek Spector cube.

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I have some similar sized ones from the blogger Travel Fashion Girl under the brand Compass Rose. Here’s the Amazon link.

I like them a lot, particularly the way you can stand them up on edge in your bag like books in a bookcase. The only reason I returned to using the Eagle Creek silnylon packing cubes is they are lighter than the Compass Rose. As long as I am doing carry on, every ounce counts.

And yes, Jean knows I weighed every packing cube and pouch I own, lol!!

Editing to add: There is a learning curve on packing these. I fold my shirts so the fold is on the zipper opening side so I can extract an item without removing the cubes from the suitcase.

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I use two or three of these same long cubes in my wheelie. Mine are from Ebags. One for tops, one for PJ's/loungewear/unders, and sometimes one for slacks. They fit lovely into the divits or like horizontal draws if my slacks are in the divits. I don't unpack my suitcase so these "drawers" work great. They just fit wonderfully into my wheelie with the few other items I need: toiletries and first aid.

Oh, I guess I use mine just like you!

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Wow, the 5” width is really small! For a comparison, the dimensions
she is referring to are half the width of the medium Eagle Creek
Spector cube.

Jean, I use the ultralight ebags packing cubes. The slim dimension is 13x6.5x3.5in and the small square is 6.5x5x3.5. I generally pack clothes in the two slim and toiletries and misc items in the two small cubes.

Pam: I have seen the compass rose as well, and I agree they are way too heavy. Unfortunately, eBags no longer makes the ultralight cubes, but I have found a couple second hand. I really like them because they act much more like a compression bag, but don’t have the awkward shape that most other compression bags have.

I find when I use my Ebags cubes and my smaller (personal item size( backpack, the total bag weighs about 9 pounds (when I pack both my iPad and Kindle).