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Cheap, light-weight dress shoes?

I need to bring a pair of dress shoes on my trip to Europe for attending a couple if symphonies and nice dinners. I will only be wearing them 3 or 4 evenings, so comfort is not that important. Does anyone have a suggestion for inexpensive, light-weight dress shoes for men?

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I don't wear a lot of mens shoes but have you looked at the Clarks brand? For women (and I would assume mens are the same) They have nice looking shoes and are lightweight. And they are very comfortable. A dressier clark shoe was one of my primary travel shoes for my trip last year.

You may think comfort is not important because it is just for a night out. But you just always end up walking more in Europe and frequently on uneven streets. A comfortable shoe is always worth it.

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I recommend Rockport. Lighter than Clarks, they're very comfortable and some are very stylish. My son wears them for dress shoes (he likes their Oxfords best). Try or Macy's for best prices (under $100).