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Silk Moneybelt vs Civita Moneybelt

What is the difference between the 2 moneybelts? Should you use a plastic bag inside each of them to hold your important papers?

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The plastic bag is to protect the documents. Rain or sweat can cause some inks to smear and blur. And sweat soaked documents? Eeewww.

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I have the Civita money belt and I just Love it. The fabric is soft and lightweight but sturdy. The seams are very strong and hold up with constant use. There is a big pouch in back and two small pouches in front. The zippers are durable.

I wrap cash and docs in a small generic plastic bag. The Civita money belt will get wet from sweating under the hot sun.

I hope someone else can provide info on the silk money belt.

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I would say the silk is slightly more breathable but credit card corners can wear through the fabric, after a while. The Civita microfiber is more durable and cheaper. I have always used some sort of Zip-Lock bag to keep my MB contents from getting sweaty.