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Compression packing cubes

Has anyone used compression packing cubes? If so, what brand? I use the regular packing cubes, but wondering if compression cubes would be more compact in a carry-on suitcase for a month trip.

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Yes, I use them for some things.

I have the Eagle Creek sil-nylon compression cubes and I’m not sure if they still make them. They are a bit heavier than the plain sil-nylon ones so if I am going to carry on which I’ve done my last 2 trips I’m judicious about what I use them for. I generally use them for my shirts and sometimes for my underwear/socks/pjs cube.

I pack in a 21” rollaboard which weighs 4.5#. Since I’m concerned about total weight I have weighed all my packing cubes and select the lightest ones for what I need each trip. The last trip was nearly 6 weeks, the one before was just under 4 weeks.

Writing this I may take a compression cube to put a puffy vest in for my next trip. Note to self…😆😆

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I’ve been using compression cubes for years and I love them. Even when I don’t need to compress the contents, they still work great for organizing.

I have a very affordable, colorful set of Gonex compression cubes from Amazon. The set of 6 includes 5 cubes in a variety of sizes, plus a shoe/small laundry bag.

They make a huge difference in how much I can fit into my 21” carryon. But there is a downside. Since they allow me to bring more, my small suitcase often ends up weighing a bit more than I’d like it to. : /

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Thanks, this is helpful. I’ll order some!

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I couldn't travel without my Eagle Creek Compression packing cubes. This is a link to some on Amazon. I don’t have any of the extra small ones. I only have them in medium and small. But I do have them in all 3 of the colors shown for the sizes. I love the Specter fabric and have other EC packing things made of it that aren’t packing cubes. I'm so glad I got them years ago. I use those and other packing cubes I have if needed, depending on how things fit in my bag. Scrolling down the link should show other brands of compression packing cubes.

Eagle Creek has a newer version called Isolate that's supposed to be antimicrobial. I don’t know if that's a good thing or a solution looking for a problem. You can see them here, along with other EC packing options if you explore travel organizers more broadly.

Compression takes the air out, definitely making your clothes take up less space. But it doesn't take the weight out, making it tempting to pack more than you need. I pack for a week, no matter how long my trip is, and do laundry or have it done for me, along the way. Using compression cubes helps me do that. Last summer I was able to pack all I needed for 5 weeks in Ireland and Wales in a 38L 2-wheeled carry-on bag.

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The only time we have used a compression cube is when my husband did not want to wear his heavy parka home from Iceland, so we used a compression cube to pack it down. You still have the weight issue with those though.

I have never cared for packing cubes, but may have just changed my mind. I bought the GOX. Ultra Lite 5 piece set on Amazon for our trip this week. They are not compression cubes though, just regular packing cubes. I like the feel of them and they are extremely light. The reason I got them is that we are doing a camper van trip and these will be easier for organization, and my husband and I each have our own color bags, so easy to differentiate.

As I said, weight is an issue regardless. I do think the cubes would be very helpful for a month long trip, especially if you are moving around a lot.

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"I do think the cubes would be very helpful for a month long trip, especially if you are moving around a lot."

I agree...they are really helpful if you are on something like a Rick Steves tour where you are moving every other day. I never unpack on those tours...set everything up so I can just fish things out of my suitcase.

I really should not answer questions when I am in bed at night, hahaha. I forgot there are some really cute compression cubes that a couple of travel vloggers I follow like (or they've been paid to flog). Anyway they are cute and look reasonably well made. I love the National Parks design ones!

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I’m a loyal fan of the Eagle Creek silnylon compression cubes. They help to keep my suitcase organized and clothes wrinkle less if they are carefully packed and not shifting around in the suitcase. I typically use 2-3 small ones and 2 medium ones. If I decide to unpack my suitcase in a hotel I prefer to keep my clothes in the bag rather than just laying them in the dresser drawers.

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I am not a fan of compression cubes, because I find it makes an odd shape….bigger in the middle and narrower on the edges (maybe it’s the ones I own?).

But, I do really like the eBags Ultra light packing cubes. I use the slim and small cubes.
I find they act like a compression cube but maintain their shape.

I use them in varied combinations in all my bags for every trip. I’ve had them about 6 years and used them on at least 30 trips and they are still in good shape.

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I roll up my cloths and have found that compression cubes can't compress my already tightly rolled cloths. I do imagine that they would work great for things like fluffy sweaters, that don't roll well but can be compressed. It might take some experimentation to find the best way to pack a compression cube.

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My husband tskes a travel sized version of his preferred pillow in a medium size compression cube and still easily travel in his favorite 90s era Eagle Creek backpack. It is his ultimate luxury item.