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RS HideAway Tote

Curious as to if anyone has purchased the RS HideAway Tote bag. We are thinking of taking it to use as our 'trip back home souvenier bag.' We are also looking at the Eagle Creek Packable Tote version . . . very similar in size & weight.

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Just came home with my "don't tell Rick" bag full of dirty laundry -- it squished into the Lufthansa sizer just fine. Checked everything else in my roller bag. Worked fine (bought the RS bag when it was on sale. )

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I take one on each trip. As Laura said, it's great for dirty clothes on the way home. It also works for taking clothes to a laundromat or as a shopping bag if you're going to a market.

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We just bought two of them-one for each of us. We have not used them yet but we were amazed by the size. It'sa great size-larger than expected and good quality. We are going to use it for souvenirs or laundry. It weighs almost nothing and is very small when packed into it's own pouch. I saw other bags for a lot more than this one-picked them up during the holiday sale. I would recommend it.

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I bought mine on a sale years ago. I normally lay it flat on the bottom of my luggage. Also used several times as a carryon for cruises and land vacations. A good tip is to place a garbage bag inside it first then load your stuff- we did this in the winter and during a very storm once to keep the stuff dry.

It has been used for multi purposes: laundry, souvenirs/gifts, luggage carrier when actual piece broke down, weekender bag, carryon bag, and for putting a night's stay of items for those 1 nighters on tours and just carry that into hotel-Then you leave the luggage in the bus storage.

It surprises you by how much it can hold and how much abuse it can take. To know we have checked it as luggage stuffed with dirty clothes and it's been thrown all around in all kinds of weather says something about the product. Just remember the more you load into it, you have to carry it by the strap handles.

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Suggest you look at the Sea to Summit ultra-lightweight duffel. It weighs less than 3 oz and is incredibly strong. I have been amazed at the abuse mine has taken. When I've had to gate-check luggage, I can transfer everything to the duffle; that way, if the lose my luggage, it doesn't matter as much. It's a little expensive, but I got mine on sale at REI. REI always has sales in late January and February – it might be worth checking.

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I purchased the "don't tell Rick bag" during recent sale too. Not sure if it will house my souvenirs or laundry. Will it fit in luggage sizers as a carry on? We're flying Delta to AMS and back to the States from CDG. I have the convertible rolling bag as my main luggage and plan to keep the foldaway bag hidden from myself for as long as possible during our 21 day tour!

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Rick's Hide Away Tote is sturdy! I've loaded mine up with heavy beverage bottles for tour groups on many occasions. I also like the width of the shoulder straps, which don't dig into you.