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Packing cubes and Rick's rolling bag

I bought Rick's rolling suitcase and a set of packing cubes but all 3 cubes don't fit once full. Are they meant to all three fit inside of the roller bag?

Can I expand my bag and still carry it on?

First timer and it's safe to say I wayyyyy overpacked the first time. Shockingly so! I thought I was smart taking skirts and leggings but no, had to thin things out even more!

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Maybe the issue is that I tried to fit them all in on 1 level. I didn't think to stack them. Thanks for the video!

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It is a rare airline that will accepted the expanded bag as carry on unless you can sneak it on. One skirt and two sets of leggings is adequate.

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My rolling carryon had to be gate-checked when expanded.

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One disadvantage of most rollers is the design need for at least one plane of the bag to be rigid. That makes the bag if packed to the maximum volume difficult to squeeze into tight overhead, under seat spaces or the size checking frame at the counter or gate.

I have been questioned about the size of my RS Classic carry-on bag when I had it maxed out. I was able to easily squeeze the bag into the test frame because it is soft sided and compliant. It's also easier to fit into overheads.

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I have used a 21" RS roller carry-on sized suitcase to take to Europe every summer for 11 of the last 12 years and I have used those same three packing cubes since they first came out and have never had a problem fitting them into that suitcase. My suitcase does expand which I normally do but then again I always check it in when traveling to Europe for a month. When flying in the US, I pack a lot less stuff and do carry it onto the plane. I fly about 12 times a year and I can only remember having to put my suitcase into one of those wire measuring devices maybe 2 or 3 times ever. And as luck would have it, one time it was too fat so I had to take some stuff out and cram that into another container.

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Personally, I prefer the packing cubes and eagle creek packing supplies - full tube cube and folder. First, measure the INSIDE of your case. Then, figure out which cubes you need. For a 14" wide carryon, I find two medium ebags cubes, one eagle creek full tube cube, and one slimline cube works for me. Women can pack casual pants and tops in the medium cubes - just roll the items tight and line them up in a cube. A single EC packing folder can be used as well and combined with cubes. The EC full tube cube is good for socks and undies. Get really bright, easy to see colors.

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I also use Eagle Creek packing cubes. I have them in a variety of sizes and colors, all purchased at REI and another local outdoor store on sale. I use whichever ones work for the trip I'm taking.

With my XL-XXL sizes, I have found that folding works better than rolling for packing things in them, especially pants.

I have never been able to pack a skirt for a trip, but I'm determined to have one for our trip in the fall. I will probably have to wear it on the plane!

My soft sided spinner does not expand at will and I keep it from bulging. If it's not flat when I zip it up, I take things out and/or repack until it is.

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I have Rick's 20" rollaboard that zips out to become larger and needs to be checked if unzips to the larger size. I also have Rick's packing cubes but I find the larger one to be too big to ever use. I like the 2 small sized ones. Often I stuff my undies into my extra pair of shoes when I pack, but when I arrive, I use an empty packing cube as my "underwear drawer", which stays in a shelf, which I prefer over putting things in drawers. I am less likely to forget items if they are on a shelf or in a closer. I only pack 2 cubes in my carryon, and have never used the larger cube.

I did purchase another small-ish packing cube, Eagle Creek brand, I think, and use it sometimes. I also use larger ziplock bags to assist in packing; i like the type that have a wider bottom, they are great. I roll my clothes and some clothing will not fit well in a packing cubes, so things like pants are tucked in around the packing cubes.

I also use Travel Fashion Girl's packing lists. She has a 12 item list and a 15 item packing list that I use as a guide. it takes a lot of self control, but I was able to keep to 15 pieces of clothing.

I also use a personal sized carryon in addition to my rollaboard. I just cannot keep to the one rollaboard, as others have done, I put the things I need while in flight under the seat and the rollaboard up above. One the trip home, I expand the bag and check it. Then I use a thin bag that packs flat as a second carryon; sometimes I have put my dirty clothes in plastic bags in that extra carryon, it works for me if I have purchased some things while away.

I also have a packing list that I use to create each new trips' list; that works for me. If I move sites often in my trip, I use it to help me remember to get everything re-packed.

That is what works for me.