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tiny tiny cosmetics

After trying unsuccessfully to down size my cosmetics bag, Amazon provided me with a solution. And just as an aside, for me this incident confirms that Amazon has mind reading technology! ;) I am sure that everyone has heard of the packing hack where you use contact lens cases to store small quantities of cosmetics? I don't have contacts, so without even searching, Amazon showed me ads for these tiny screw cap containers.

I have been busy filling them with creams, pastes and powders. My new cosmetics bag is tiny but contains a surprising variety of products. The shocking thing is how many cosmetics come in a big container, but the actual product will just fill one of these 5 gram containers!

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Cerastez, those little containers are gems! I make my own lip balm and hand lotion but put them in larger containers, which take up space. However, I can now get these and make a travel batch! Thanks!

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I did a similar thing last trip.
I bought the very smallest GoTubbs from Amazon, and tried them out over a few weeks to see how long the contents lasted.
Toothpaste lasted nearly 3 weeks, hair gel 4 weeks, and face cream the same!
It is amazing.
You realize then that the packaging on “normal” sized products is just excessive and unnecessary.

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Yes! These are great for pills, too. I keep one in my bag for allergy pills that I always seem to forget to take on time.

Most people would be surprised how little product they actually use. I tested this before my last 3 week trip. Filled up these little containers with moisturizer, makeup remover, eye cream, etc then used only those little containers to see how long they would last. No problem. If you find you run out of a certain product, just pack an extra container of that product. They save so much space over the normal 3 oz size bottles.

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My local Variety Store sells various sizes like these. I’ve just spent my morning filling them with shampoo, conditioner, face creams and makeup items. They are priced anywhere from $.50 to.$1.50.
It’s great having an old-fashioned type store like this nearby!

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Yes, I agree that GoToobs are not leakproof , I gave mine away; but I was talking about GoTUBBS.
They are teeny "jars", not bottles.
They did not leak at all!
I think they're great; I have the 14 cc size.