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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Which bag should I choose?
arianatorlol 6
Rick Steve's Rolling Carry On Bag Questions
artbytes 9
RS rolling carry-on (suitcase) issues resolved?
Ashley 9
Ashley 8
E-bags tsl mother load convertable and Aer Lingus
atooz15 12
Not a scarf person - what to wear out for dinner in Spain (winter/spring)?
AussieNomad 27
Am I packing too light? - Spain in winter/early spring
AussieNomad 25
Post-pandemic packing - have you changed what you take?
AussieNomad 23
RS Civita Day Packs have exceeded my expectations
ava_rnathan 15
Does Civita Shoulder Bag hold an iPad Mini?
avirosemail 5
convertible carry-on strap conservation?
avirosemail 5
Fold-over method illustrated
avirosemail 12
Swiss Army Knife in your carry-on?
avirosemail 34
Pleased with her RS Civita
avirosemail 1
winter packing and the RS Convertible
avirosemail 6
CRJ-700 overhead bins -- the RS carryon doesn't fit
avirosemail 17
How do you clean your Civita bags?
avirosemail 12
securing cash / small items in your baggage -- more tips
avirosemail 17
Are my favorite travel khakis irreplaceable?
avirosemail 8
Do cross-body bags play well with Rick's convertible carryon?
avirosemail 12
European men are wearing shorts and capri pants?
avirosemail 22
Please don't call it a fanny pack!
avirosemail 42
Vest (or waistcoat): what are the pros and cons?
avirosemail 42
A week with the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Jr.
avirosemail 10
199th Anniversary of Mackintosh raincoats
avirosemail 8
Souvenirs - Sentimentality - A Slippery Slope
avirosemail 50
RS shop online shipping costs/ packs for kids
avmorris1 8
ayeshaali23 20
Travel Gear Survey
ayesha.narula76 2
Shoes to pack for backpacking Europe
B 5
Packing Cubes, Folders, Pouches, Pencil Pouches
Barb 15
Packing for Ladies in 13 Easy Pieces – Greek Islands – Late May
Barb 0
Ravenna rolling carry-on
barb709 12
Ravenna Rolling Case - Have you used this bag?
Barbara 15
RS hide away poncho
Barbara 11
Review of Ravenna Rolling Case
Barbara 16
Barbara 41
The new RS Crossbody travel bag
Barbara 19
Carryon packing for Lufthansa - only 8kg
Barbara 56
Travelon Crossbody Purse Opinions
Barbara G. 16
packing-travel towel
barbaragolder16 12
carryon light weight wheeled bag
barbaragolder16 8
carry-on luggage
barbaragolder16 4
compression packing cubes
barbaragolder16 16
Contact Lens Solution
barbara.macki... 23
Coconut Oil
barbara.macki... 14
GPS tracking on luggage or backpacks
barbs.baker 3
Daybags..RFD or not??
Barb Z 18
Things OK here but not THERE
barkingdogranch 15
Excellent lightweight shoulder/duffel bag and backpack attachable to luggage handle
Barkinpark 4